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When my husband and I headed for a mission trip to Guatemala last month, we were afraid that we would bring back a little friend.  What we had in mind was NOT what we actually brought home.  We were afraid we would get attached to a tot.  Of course if we ever did proceed to adopt a precious child, we could not simply stow one away in our luggage.  Oh no!  But we can try!  Well, three days after our return, A became very ill.  To make a LONG story very short, he ended up in the hospital with the doctors being pretty certian he did indeed bring home a friend.  The friend was a bite from a mosquito.  And how kind of that little BUG to give A a gift.  A gift of Dengue Fever. 

What the heck is Dengue Fever? Google it!  I did.  Fortunately I somehow missed the part about a 41% mortality rate the first time I looked.   No, that shocking news came to me once my dear hubby was home and on the mend.  Of course I do believe that pertains to remote villages in the tropics.  Anywho……all that “news” to say our children AND their mother were rather concerned about our usually energetic Daddy lying pretty much lifeless in the bed.  

After a few days home and more strength, A was up for little visitors.  Little Miss decided that Daddy needed a little friend while she went to play.  So, if you take a very close look, you will notice a wee little turtle on daddy’s chest.  “A little friend to help you feel better, Daddy!” 

The sad thing………that turtle came from Guatemala! 


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  1. EJ
    Posted September 6, 2007 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    I love all these blogs, Cyn – What a wonderful way to keep everyone updated on all the happenings with the Mesquites! I’m truly amazed that you learned and set this all up – what an accomplishment! Hope all at school is going well for you and the kiddos. We all love you!

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