Teary-eyed Timeline


First of all I am absolutely APPALLED to admit that I have a third grader.  Old people have third graders.  I am NOT old (I will not, I tell you, reveal my age) and I only have “young” children.  Isn’t it true if I have young children then I am young?  So……what is up with me having a third grader….and a little princess one year behind!?!??! Oh!  I guess I shall confess my “baby” will be five in 2 days! 

My point in all this nonsense is that my third grader’s first Social Studies Project was to create a timeline of his very long life (as he said).  After the Lad and his Daddy made a list of important events in his life, I raided my organized (do you believe that?) boxes of  photos.  Boy!  Do I wish I would have gone digital sooner!!!!  Anywho……I was a teary-eyed Mama at 7:45 am on Saturday morning.  What happened to the time?  When I had three tots in diapers, I had several more “seasoned” moms tell me that “this too shall pass and much too quickly and I best enjoy it.”  Of course I would not believe them and wanted to spit on them-for it seemed like the clock was eternally stuck on 9am on the day of all meltdown days.  So now here I sat in my closet actually missing those days when I had three young tots crowding my lap and begging for my attention and feeling so very suffocated.   And now I have a boy almost too big to even fit in my lap.  Do  you hear the weeping?

 Creating a timeline with my son (I know you are thinking that I did most of it-and you are right) helped me relive some sweet and crazy days.  I am an avid scrapbooker but somehow putting actual dates and pictures of that chubby little guy all in order did something to me.  It made me teary-eyed.  I am not a big crier and I don’t even think I am very sentimental – for a girl.  The biggest confession of all?  That little boy’s timeline is growing longer everyday! 

 Thank the Lord for these children.  I am blessed! 


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