Sweet Dreams, Sweet Pea!

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It all started with a question last night.  “Can I sleep in YOUR bed tomorrow night since it’s my birthday?  I will be five, you know.” 

“We will see, ” was my reply. 

Maybe I wasn’t thinking too much about it throughout the day, but I can bet you a few Chuck E.Cheese tokens that a certain Little Miss was.

Much to big sister’s dismay, we allowed the birthday girl in our bed tonight.  She was thrilled!  We warned her she WOULD be moved.  I got a look.  Now she sleeps peacefully in our bed.  But she is being moved into her bed (at this very moment)!  


She doesn’t ask for much (well, except for the Webkin she knows not what to do with, supper at Chuck E. Cheese, cupcakes for friends at school, donuts with dad, a friend over to play, a Candy Land birthday party,  etc, etc, etc.).  Can’t we spoil them once a year?!?!?!?!

So maybe we broke a “healthy marriage” rule tonight.  I don’t think any permanent damage is done. 

She is gone now and it is my turn to snuggle in that bed. 

I hope Daddy joins me soon.


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