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What you see here is a four year old.  What you will see in my post tomorrow is a five year old.  Yes, Little Miss is turning five.  I know, I know, not much will truly change overnight about this sweet miss. But I must face it with a smile and fond recollections of who she is at this moment.  Little Miss Tornado is well, just that, a little female tornado.    “Tornado” is the nickname her Uncle David so lovingly (I am sure) gave her a few years ago.  How can one curly-headed beauty be so energetic?  Don’t blame the genes, people!!!

Our Little Miss truly brings more life into ours than we ever anticipated.  She is fun.  She is beautiful.  She is smart.  She is intelligent.  She is sly.  She is spunky.  She is non-stop motion.  She is our gift.   

 So, as you think of our FIVE year old on her special day, remember what really matters to a newly-turned five year old: 

On her way to bed tonight, Little Miss sang (and most certainly danced) this little tune: 

“I can eat whatever I want tomorrow because I am five, because I am five, because I am five!” 

There you have it! 


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