Precious Memory

I am sure you are thinking that this post is about a sweet memory made today.  Oh no!  It is about the humiliation I experienced playing Memory.  Disney Princesses version at that.  I failed.  It was a miserable experience.

 Yes, we are desperately trying to teach our three children that being good sports and encouraging one another is the “Christian”thing to do.  Let me tell you, I was struggling.  Big time.  I was pouting and Little Miss was gloating.  Little Miss was even making matters worse by keeping  a very accurate running record of her stack and mine.  An infant could have tallied mine!  I also felt stupid that my newly turned five year old was counting by twos past twenty.  I was proud!  I was losing. 

Final “score” (but we really weren’t keeping score, now were we?!?!):  Little Miss-24


I know, I know, I know ! She doubled me!  And truly, I was not “letting” her win.  It is pathetic.   Either she has talent in the memory department or mom is just pitiful.  I am afraid that the latter is the biggest truth. 

I said that this post had nothing to do with an actual precious memory.  But I lied.  Yet another moral value we are instilling in our children. Good thing they do as we say, not as we do!  Yeah, right!  Let me know if that works for you!

Being whooped in a innocent game of Memory is humiliating.  But I couldn’t help think how happy my child was.  Mom’s full attention on her.  She did not seem too upset when we dropped off brother and sister at our church’s mini camp last night.  I know what she was thinking: 

“They are all mine, those parents!   All mine!”  Have I mentioned that her latest nickname is Bossy Cow?  We learned that from our Community Group this week.  We go deep! 

Anywho, back to my precious memory in the making.  Daddy had a prayer meeting up at our school this morning so Little Miss and I were on our own.  What did we do?  We slept late.  If you call 7:50 am late.  I do these days since I leave the house at 7am for school.  We also went to the health club for mom to take a cardio/abs class.  On the way home we stopped by the new coffee shop in town, Java Ranch.  I have been in several times (it is way too convienent) but have not taken the children.  Little Miss wasn’t too overly excited about it until she heard the words, “hot chocolate” and “games.”  Of course she most certainly needed hot chocolate on this cool September day.  It was a mere 94 degrees at 10:30am.  A cold front indeed! 

We ordered our drinks and discovered the stack of games next to the fireplace – which by the way, was burning wood on this cool Texas September day.  I really think we Texans are in denial.  This new coffee shop is rather cozy and family friendly.  We sat around the coffee table (how appropriate to have one in a coffee shop) and played Memory.  I was also told “to be very careful on that very cute couch, mommy!  We can’t spill coffee on it!” Remember the term, BOSSY COW?

Forgetting (well, I was trying to focus on that quality time issue) that I had a HUGE birthday cake to make for a certain young lady’s party, we played two rounds of Memory.  Did I confess I lost?  Well, after defeat, we moved on to UNO.  I lost again.  I am very proud to report that it was a very close game.  Both times!  I AM smiling! 

We did make a precious memory today.  Just Mom and Little Miss.  I kept forgetting that there was a group of men doing a Bible study next to us, two ladies talking a mile a minute, and numerous folks going in and out.  After all, I was focused!  Focused on that sweet little (champion Memory player) girl.  Now I am longing for some time alone with the other two. 

Defeated and humiliated, I would not have traded that hour and a half for the world!


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