The things I find in the washer…

I have found many choice items in my washing machine and dryer over my nine years of parenting.  I am sure all moms have a story or two to tell. 

Before revealing my “item” I must explain my recent frustration with the laundry this week.  As you may recall, I went back to work on August 27.  Thankfully it is not FULL time but it might as well be for I feel as if I am never home.  As a result of not being home as much as I once was, I can’t seem to finish a task.  Especially laundry!  I truly hate to make this confession but I forgot to switch over the clothes from the washer to the dryer THREE times this week.  The clothes most certainly had a nasty stench.  And would you believe it was the same load?  UUGH!  I have still not found a good system for getting everything done in my new schedule. 

So……as I loaded the washer with a new load (FINALLY) last night, I made a note to myself NOT to forget to put it in the dryer in the morning. 

My dear  husband left early to set up our church (we meet in a school for now) so I was alone fighting the Sunday morning battle with three kids.  It is our routine but it is NOT in my routine to go to my washer and find millions of little gooey “beads” plastered on the sides of the machine and on the clothes. 

What?!?!?! My first thought:  A tissue.  That happens often.  UUUGH! 

It can’t be a tissue, it feels really, well, I don’t know for sure, squishy?!?!?!

I started pulling out the clothes one by one shaking the contents off of each item of clothing.  I realized it was ridiculous to do it over the washer.  I am so smart-it falls right back into the washer.  So I took the WHOLE load with beads and all out on the patio and shook each item.  In doing so, I found a lump of a very squishy -something! 

A Pull-Up!!!  A wet and used Pull-Up!  Little Miss wears one to bed and I assume she pulled off her jammies with the USED Pull-Up caught inside her pants. 

I am ashamed that I did not spot it -but if you saw how the luandry has piled up this week, you would think an elephant could have successfully hidden in there! 

On top of the regular Sunday morning hustle, I was shaking out clothes and sucking up globs of “GOOP” out of my washing machine with the vacuum cleaner.  Pumpkin walked by the laundry room and had a very puzzled look on her face. 

I said, ” Don’t even ask!”  And that sweet little thing walked on and did not give me grief. 


 She came back still puzzled wondering what on earth caused mom to vacuum the washer. 

I am, however, proud of myself for keeping my composure.  All four of us walked into church with smiles on our faces (and I even had makeup on), greeted Daddy, and went to our respective places.  Daddy didn’t find out about it until supper.  I handled being in the trench well.  Now we will see what the next one holds! 

Other things I have found in my dryer or washing machine:

     -plastic clothes hangers

     -plastic detergent lids

     -a pacifier

     -many rocks!

     -not enough money 🙂

     -a dinosaur

     -four tubes of chapstick!!! 

     -hair bows

     -hair brush

     -a pen

     -the clorox bleach lid (and yes, my son’s Ralph Lauren denim sheets are ruined)

Now that I look at this list in print, it seems to me that the majority of these added items were my doings! 

It is good to know that writing is about as humbling as parenting! 

And to think my washer and dryer have survived!


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  1. Siv
    Posted September 28, 2007 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    Cyn – Ok, you will have to tell me the story of these things later. I can’t imagine how half that stuff got in there. :o)

    In case I forget to mention this to you later, I used to have the same problem of forgetting about a load of laundry in the washing machine. What helped me was to leave the light on in the laundry room while the clothes were in the wash. Even if I close the door, I can still see the light under the door to remind me that the clothes need to go in the dryer. Has worked for me every time. Maybe it can help you, too.

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