The Monkeys

All of my posts have been about my family.  Which is not a bad thing.  They are the biggest part of my life.  But now that I teach 18 little monkeys without front teeth, new very important information is provided daily.

 I had a different child cry about our snack menu everyday………except for the day Mrs. B brought in pumpkin muffins.  And, you better believe, I was doing the happy dance, singing, “They are all eating the snack!”  We aim high in first grade!  🙂

The first day of school:  “This is longer than church!”

The most popular quotes (and what I mean by popular is not that we particularly like to hear these words, but we hear them often):

“I need a bandaid.”

“I don’t feel too good.”

“Can I earn a bear back?”

“Can I go to the bathroom?” (and there certainly is body language with that question)

“What am I supposed to do now? (always preceded by explicit instructions)

My personal favorite:

“Mrs. K, I love you!” 

Okay, you little monkeys, I love you too!

Our school is way out in the middle of nowhere so we live the simple life out there but we typically have water and A/C.  On Thursday my A/C unit (that I share with Kindergarten) died.  It was a lovely 84 degrees inside and 94 degrees outside.  It was not too fun.  Also, about mid morning, the water was turned off (thanks to AT&T cutting a water line).  So, my dear little ones were hot, thirsty, and in dire need of using the facilities!  They were not too keen on the idea of not flushing the toilets. 

 And I was not too keen on the smell! 

About an hour before school let out, one little guy headed to the bathroom not able to wait any longer.  Much to his surprise, when he absentmindedly flushed, he discovered the water had been turned back on.  Well, this little guy was obviously estatic and ran out in the hall to announce, “THE WATER IS BACK ON!”  He forgot something:  His pants!  Pants and undies down to the floor, he was determined to be the bearer of good news.  He was a little bare himself! 

More from the monkeys in the treetop later! 


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