Even when…

This morning Little Miss greeted me in my bed with an armload of hugs and wet kisses. 

It was so very sweet.

Even though it was Saturday morning.

She was extra cuddly today, snuggling up to me and showering me with extreme affection. 

I was eating it up! 

After 3-4 minutes of this bliss she spoke. 

She had already told me good morning and whispered a few “Iloveyousoverymuchmommy.”


She rubbed her sweet little nose on my huge one and said:

“Mommy, I love you soooooo very much even when you are a mean mommy!

I love you when you yell!

And mean.

And yell.

I love you when you are mean and yell.”


I thought the repetition was entirely unecessary! 

So maybe I tell them I love them no matter what  too frequently.  Or maybe, just maybe, I am mean.  And I yell. 

Once again…



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