The boys


I could not help but snap a photo of my boys watching “the boys” last Sunday night.  Dad and son watching Sunday football.  It made my heart glad. 

 It was not always thus.

Although I came from a HUGE football family, my husband was not a fanatic like my dad and brother.  I had trouble accepting this early on in our courtship (Yikes!  That is an old fashioned term). 

 How could you not have football on all weekend?  And how dare you even think about not watching Monday night football?  

Of course you sit through every playoff game at Texas stadium over Thanksgiving weekend.  Isn’t that normal? 

I must insert here that I am not a huge football fan but wholeheartedly believe in it being a part of the American life.  The TEXAN life!

Well, college football makes me feel a little younger and even a bit giddy.

 Watching game after game after game after game never tempted the hubby one bit.  He is  happy with it or happy without it.  I am sure my dad is still wondering why I married that boy!

One Sunday night after my future husband came into my apartment and turned off “the boys” (AKA the Dallas Cowboys), I was talking to my mom about my relationship (or lack thereof) with him.  She asked, “C, what in the world is wrong with you?  What do you not see in that boy?” 

We were not dating at that time.  I had my eye on a few guys who fit our family’s mold of a sports maniac and just thought A was a great guy to hang out with.  He was very attentive to me and tons of fun.   He therefore, became my best friend.  Nothing romantic.  Nothing at all!  He just wasn’t my type. 

 Once again mom asked me why I would not date “that boy,” and my response: “Mom, he just DOES not like sports enough!” 

Mom’s very quick reply: “Get on your knees, thank the good Lord, and marry that guy now!” 

Well, three years later I gave it a try.  I liked it!  I kept him.

 Good thing I always listen to my mom!  🙂 

And the truth is I am thrilled that he would choose just hanging out with us over a round of golf or a football game.  

Mom was right.  That boy truly is for me. 

The funny thing is that since I wrote the draft for this post 5 days ago, A has shown a new interest for football.  He is thrilled beyond words to accompany my dad and brother to a high school game The Dallas Morning News Sports Section is calling “Texas vs. Florida.” 

 Did I mention my dad’s obsession with highschool football as well?

After all, I did attend the school with the BEST football program in Texas.  That’s just not a very biased statement. It is the truth.

I hope tonight proves it to be true along with it being the best in the nation. 

And I am glad my husband will be there to experience it!


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  1. Posted September 15, 2007 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    I can relate with that. My brother and dad were big time sports fanatics but Mike is not (no complaining here!) and even though I don’t really like to sit through the game, I still regard myself as a big-time fan of the team. The REDSKINS team, that is, thankyouverymuch.

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