Cable TV, please . . . “All because of Daddy!”

We do not have cable.

We do not plan on getting cable.

We do not want cable.

Yes, it is a money saving decision but we also don’t want the temptation of always having something on we think we must watch .

I’m really referring to the shorter people of the house.

Our children, esp. the older two, have been campaigning for the Disney Channel for quite some time.  They have had little success. 

They have even tried to merge their savings and offer to pay for it.  I don’t think so! 

Even if they really meant it, it would never be enough. 

But, the fact remains -we DON’T want it.   We being the taller people in the house.

The husband and I watch very little T.V.  Having seven stations to choose from definitely narrows down our choices.  And two are in Spanish, one is strictly Religious showing (no offense but I am not too keen on T.V. evangelists),  and one is PBS. 

But if you recall in The Boys post, I mentioned that A has become more interested in football lately.  For some reason, he has had a desire to watch “the boys.”  He was counting down the hours after lunch and had our afternoon planned around it. 

ALong with two major stations, we also get static.  For free!   The other major station does not come in at all! 

 You know where I am going with this.  The boys aired on a “good” station last week but oh not today.  We heard and saw NOTHING!  Except for the loud static noise that sent my nerves to the moon! 

A was not too terribly hurt, just a bit dissappointed.  After that the children kept asking why Daddy was not watching the game.  The lad was bummed out too.  He had planned on hanging out with his dad on the couch again. 

Pumpkin asked me, “why doesn’t daddy just fix that T.V.?”

The lad:  “He can’t , he needs cable to get more stations like the Disney Channel!”

Pumpkin:  “So, why aren’t we getting it?”

The Lad:  ” It is too expensive and they don’t want us watching all that T.V.”

Mom:  “You got it!  We just don’t need it!”

The Lad:  “If we had it then Daddy could watch the football game.”

Mom:  “True, but I think he is fine without it.”

The Lad: ” No, I really think we need to get it all because of Daddy!” 


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    Sign that boy up for debate!

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