She has come a long way

I am off from teaching on Fridays so Little Miss and I headed to Dallas for her five year old check-up and my yearly check-up too!  Here are a few pics from her visit.  I decided not to take any of my visit-if you were wondering! 


Because she is five and I guess the Dr. thinks five year olds are modest, they presented Little Miss with this fine white cotton dress.  She was anything but impressed.  I thought she would surely dig it.  Wrong!  I finally convinced her.   A little of my unsweet tea with LOTS of Sonic ice did the trick! 

And let me go random for just a moment!  How come I feel like I should say it was a Diet Coke in that big styrofoam cup?  Almost every blog I read mentions their love for Diet Coke.  I DO NOT share that love.  YUCK!  Actually if you happen to give me a Diet Coke, I will be passed out from a reaction to the aspertame in a matter of milliseconds!  If I am having a mild reaction, I would only spin a few minutes.   So fun!  It could be worse!  🙂 


Our sweet Little Miss had a rough first year of life.  She was labeled as “failure to thrive”  and just couldn’t seem to make it onto the growth chart.  Here is a photo of her at about 5 months weighing only 10lbs.

   (Do you notice the HUGE socks her brother decided to share with her? )

She did, however, have the gift of strong vocal cords.  We were so proud!  She cried constantly. I had a constant headache!  Even her own mother (that would be me) couldn’t calm her.  She cried when she was held, she cried in the car, and she even cried when she ate.  Fortunately she showed us her true joy at about 9 months.  She was a beautiful little thing and once she started smiling and laughing, she was so much fun! I still can’t explain how I could love somebody so much when she required every ounce of everything I had in me for so long.  I fell in love with her through it all! 

 But now…Oh now we are rejoicing for she is a healthy, happy, average sized FIVE year old.  The nurse AND the Dr. commented on how she was extremely bright too.  “She is so much more together than most five year olds,” exclaimed the nurse.  The Dr. was trying to ask me about her development:  what are her eating habits (he bought the lots of veggies remark – which is true with too much sugar in between), can she hop, does she socialize?….etc.  Before I could answer he was laughing so I looked down at what he was writing in her chart.  “Chatty Cathy and LOTS and LOTS of energy.”  I hate to admit it but that man showed some perception today!


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