All three of them

One of my biggest frustration is getting a picture of all three kids together.  I am successful in getting them all in a picture but it is NEVER to my liking.  The Lad is usually the culprit causing all the trouble.  He hates looking at the camera. 

I splurged today and bought an ottoman to (sort of ) replace our hideous blue recliner that left the scene back during the days of redecorating in December.  I never imagined how excited the children would be about a simple piece of furniture.  And to think I bought that ottoman simply for comfort and not for looks.  It is a rather stylish item that brings out the black in some of my furniture.  I was not aware how much the kids have missed having a perfect spot to snuggle.  I just can’t seem to get comfy without putting my feet up.   Now I have just the thing! 

After baths the kids piled up on the ottoman and posed.  Even the Lad.  Rare ! Not the most perfect pic of all three but they are together and look like they actually love being with each other.   A mom can dream! 

You can’t see the pic of the new piece of furniture but I think the point tonight was the faces of three beautiful children!



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