My bad hair day

It all started when I called on a particular student one morning.  We were in the midst of devotions finishing up our Ten Commandments Unit. 

The hand was raised.  I called upon the child. 

“Mrs. K, did you forget to brush your hair this morning?”  Before I could answer, another sweet little first grader agreed saying, “yeah, it looks sort of messy!”  A bunch of uh-huhs chimed together.  I kept opening my mouth trying to gain control again.  I guess they saw the desperation.  Another little darling assured all that Mrs. K must have been rushed this morning.  A little girl even offered me her hairbrush. 

Isn’t it great to think that my self esteem is affected by a bunch of first graders? 

Well, the pitiful thing is as I looked into the mirror one last time before leaving that morning, I smiled thinking that the hair looked pretty good.  At least for me!  That is not saying much! 

I love my life as a teacher!


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