What do they really think of us?

I just spent 5 hours at the zoo.  Haven’t been in years so it was a treat for me (and my children). 

Anywho, I couldn’t help but laugh when we approached the gorilla.

 I was a bit apprehensive when I realized we were standing at the very site of the “gorilla gone mad” incident a couple years back.  For those of you not blessed to live in the great state, a gorilla busted out of the glass barrier at the Dallas zoo and injured folks.  I actually knew one of the women from church.  Sad.  Her poor kids did not sleep for weeks after witnessing that tragedy.  She is fine now but has plenty of scars to remember it. 

Despite the past with Dallas Zoo and gorillas, I was quite fascinated with the creature.  Oh!~ That grumpy one was shot by a Dallas cop so we must not worry about him!  And I can’t recall if it was a male or female.  

The gorilla we were viewing (behind a glass barrier once again) was perched on a bed of grass RIGHT by the viewing window.  It was sort of weird how he would look right at us.  He would look at us (we had about 25 kids in our group) and then turn his head suddenly.  He rolled his eyes!   Yes, my friends, I do believe he was annoyed with us.  After his eye-rolling fun lasted a few minutes, he turned his body completely away from us and showed us his rear end!   Now…I do indeed think he was trying to tell us something.  He knew! He was annoyed!  He did not seem to be in a hurry to change his stance either! 

He would stare at us as well.   He was rather intense.  I wonder what he was thinking about the kid picking his nose.  Or the kid turning up her dress and flashing him.  Or the dumbfounded parents staring at him.  

What do they REALLY think of us?


This is not of the gorilla viewing but it is so sweet.  The Lad is actually being sweet to his baby cousin.  My heart was glad!  It reminded me why we moved back to “the land of no fall weather” on this 93 degree September day! 


 They love the little creek!   It is their favorite activity at the zoo. 


Fun with the birds in the Children’s Zoo area. 


Just a pic of our sweet Pumpkin!


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