What she wants


She wanted a dog.  We refused.  Then she decided about two years ago that she might never get a dog.  So, either she was very smart or very innocent in telling me, “It’s okay mom, I don’t need a dog, I’ll just take a horse!”  

Here we are two years later.  Still without a dog and still without a horse.  STILL living on a city lot!   

We thought the compromise of two bunnies would be sufficient to appease this future veterinarian.  And yes, we were stupid enough to get a male and female.  We are now waiting for the opportunity to teach our children their first lesson in reproduction.  Not really.

Now our sweet Pumpkin has dropped dance (she was quite good) and has taken up horseback riding lessons.  She LOVES it!  I am hoping to join her soon . If we do ever get a horse (IF being the key word), I would like to be well-educated and trained as well.  We have found a patient AND excellent teacher, Miss Jackie. 

Now all we need is a couple of acres, a horse, and more time.  Oh!  And I guess more money could make all this possible! 

More waiting for the Pumpkin.  In the meantime she will enjoy riding Peanut the little horse with Miss Jackie. 


So serious!


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