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Not only is it my first time to respond to a meme tag but it is also my first attempt at a hyperlink.  I hope all goes well! 

My friend Anna at Sincerely Anna started me on this! For those of you new to blogging (like I was a mere 5 weeks ago), when there is a highlighted name or word, you may click on it and it will lead you to that specific webpage. 

So here goes my first meme.  To be truthful, I am not 100% certain what a meme really stands for.  I will just play along for fun!

4 jobs I have had

(keep in mind that I was Queen Babysitter for years so my first “real” job did not come around until I was 20!)

1.  Counselor at Camp Ozark (the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at Baylor).

2.  Special Education Teacher at Cannon Elementary School in Grapevine, Texas.  I LOVED that job!  I had a superb principal and a super second grade team that did everything they could to include my special needs kids with their classes.  A few of those great teachers will probably read this very post!

3.  Special Education Teacher at Rachel Carson Elementary School in Gaithersburg, MD.  Hate to say it but I never quite fit in there in Maryland.  It was so different and I missed my Second Grade team back in Texas something awful!  My main aide was AWESOME and she somehow kept me sane.  For those who do not know – I left my great job in Texas in December  of 1996 to marry my bestest friend.  He was in grad school at The George Washington University so I tagged along and was blessed to find a job mid-year.  

4.  MOM!   This job has a list of job descriptions ten miles long!  As my mom so lovingly describes motherhood:  “It’s the hardest job you will ever love.”  True.  So true!   And now I am a part-time first grade teacher at Poetry Community Christian School. 

4 movies that I can watch again and again

1.  The Sound of Music!  And now my heart is thrilled that my two very own girlies watch this one OVER and OVER!  Oh!  If I would have had VCR or DVD access when I was a girl…. (my mom would have gone crazy.)  My close friend Adina and I were perfectly content with acting the WHOLE thing out numerous times.  We somehow convinced my big brother to play EVERY male role.  Fond memories!

 2.  What About Bob!  Can’t explain exactly why.  It just makes me laugh EVERY time.  I even laugh at myself when I quote it.  I think my husband knows EVERY line! 

3.  Big!  Loved it the first time I saw it and still love watching it.  My favorite part is when Tom Hanks “plays” that huge floor piano in FAO Schwartz toy store.  I was absolutely thrilled to finally journey up to NYC and play that thing myself.    Boy, was I disappointed when I arrived at the store to discover the piano was temporarily removed so they could display BLUE CLUES.  I was heartbroken.  That was one of two things I had my heart set on doing in New York.  (The other one was to see The Sound of Music on Broadway, which I did and enjoyed!)  And to think that this heartbreak happened when I was 8 months pregnant with our first child.  It was ugly!  Very ugly!  I had a meltdown.  I admit it.

4.  Little Women!  This is esp. my “cold weather” movie friend.  It warms my soul.  When the movie was first released, I could absolutley relate to Jo March.  I think that is why I loved it at first.  Now I just love everything about it. 

4 T.V. shows I watch regularly

I guess I could say Cyberchase and Fetch on PBS kids.  I was once an avid fan of the following but not anymore.  I do not have time (or cable).

1.  Doc

2.  7th Heaven

3.  Little House on the Prairie (came on during the kids’ naptime)

4.  Matlock

Yes, I am very boring and definitely do not keep up with current television shows.

4 places I have lived

 1. Clear Lake and Friendswood area (in the great state of Texas)

2.  Southlake, Texas

3.  Waco, Texas (Baylor University)

4.  Montgomery County, Maryland

4 Websites I visit daily-or just frequently

1.  Weatherbug

2. bigmama (can I include her sidekick, boomama, here)

3. the Farley Family

4. sincerely anna

4 Favorite Foods

1.  broccoli

2.  fruit of any kind (esp. pineapple)

3.  dark chocolate (can’t believe I have recently made the switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate)! 

4.  Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich

4 of my Favorite Colors

1.  green

2.  yellow (in combination with green)  Do you sense a theme?  Sic ’em Bears!

3.  brown (I like to wear and use this color in decorating)

4.  deep red

4 Places I would like to be right now

1.  In the bed.  I am tired tonight!

2.  Somewhere that is not 95 degrees on September 29!!!

3.  Anywhere ALONE with my sweet husband

4.  Anywhere my kids want to go (my son is standing right here “helping” me).  Do you believe this one?  Please say no b/c those places would most likely include McDonald’s, the pool, CiCi’s pizza, riding bikes in the heat, playing video games, etc. 

4 Names I like but wouldn’t or couldn’t use myself

1.  If I say this name then you will know my husband’s name.  Since I use my last name in my blog title, I don’t like to use our first names.  So….just know that my husband’s name is a strong name and I have always loved it but I always said I would never name my child the same first name as his dad.   

2.  Sarah – can’t use that one b/c my brother snagged it!

3.  Luke – my brother used that one too! 

4.  Gardner – This is my mom’s maiden name.  She was the only child so this surname has disappeared from our family line.  I would not use it b/c of my speech impairment.  The /ar/ sound in combination with an /r/ ending is quite difficult for me to pronounce.   We did, however, give this to our son as his middle name. 

I have a LONG list of names from teaching!  My poor husband offered several names and I turned them all down!  I just couldn’t link my own kid to some of my past students.  Scary.  That is what happens when you teach! 

And now I am adding my own (don’t know if that is against “meme” rules or not).

 4 of my favorite people on earth

1.  My dear husband

2.  The Lad (kid #1)

3.  Our Pumpkin (kid #2)

4.  Little Miss  (kid #3)


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