Monthly Archives: September 2007

My Life as I Know It

As most of you know, I accepted the call back to teaching this Fall.   It has been going incredibly well.   I often stop in my tracks (I make a lot of them these days) and am amazed at how all of us are handling it.  For so long I felt that I just had to […]

Cable TV, please . . . “All because of Daddy!”

We do not have cable. We do not plan on getting cable. We do not want cable. Yes, it is a money saving decision but we also don’t want the temptation of always having something on we think we must watch . I’m really referring to the shorter people of the house. Our children, esp. […]

Even when…

This morning Little Miss greeted me in my bed with an armload of hugs and wet kisses.  It was so very sweet. Even though it was Saturday morning. She was extra cuddly today, snuggling up to me and showering me with extreme affection.  I was eating it up!  After 3-4 minutes of this bliss she […]

The boys

                                                                    I could not help but snap a photo of my boys watching “the boys” last Sunday night.  Dad and son watching Sunday football.  It made my heart glad.   It was not always thus. Although I came from a HUGE football family, my husband was not a fanatic like my dad and brother.  I had trouble accepting […]

My promise

Remember my promise to post every night?  Well, I am partially breaking it.  I am writing but really I’m not.  I am going to bed.  I am being responsible.  I am going to be well rested for my long day tomorrow! Do you hear the repitition in my head?   My husband is looking at me […]

My grateful list #1

I made a promise to myself that I would write every night and I am determined to keep it.  I am sure many do not care (my list of readers is short).  The brain is fried so cooking up something new tonight is a struggle.  So, I decided to steal the “grateful” list from a […]

The Monkeys

All of my posts have been about my family.  Which is not a bad thing.  They are the biggest part of my life.  But now that I teach 18 little monkeys without front teeth, new very important information is provided daily.  I had a different child cry about our snack menu everyday………except for the day […]

Pictures from Birthday Party

                                                                                        Not much to say.  Just thought I would share a few b-day party pictures.  I feel like I have been talking an awful lot about Little Miss and her birthday.   Time to move on.  Now we have Pumpkin’s birthday next month.  Pumpkin (who is called that b/c she was born on […]

The things I find in the washer…

I have found many choice items in my washing machine and dryer over my nine years of parenting.  I am sure all moms have a story or two to tell.  Before revealing my “item” I must explain my recent frustration with the laundry this week.  As you may recall, I went back to work on […]

Let us go to the Land of Candy!

                                                                       Thanks to my oldest daughter, Little Miss has requested a Candy Land party.  Our sweet pumpkin (second born), saw a Candy Land cake in my Taste of Home magazine and convinced the birthday girl that that was the party for any decent five year old.  Now I am expected to not only make the […]