Look what I did today…


Do you see something missing?

Isn’t it sad?  My van is only 7 months old and it has had it’s first big drama! 

Can you guess how on earth I managed this one? 

It all started when Little Miss woke up entirely too early and was extremely grumpy.  Have I mentioned how her mood tends to set all of our moods?  It is a pitiful fact.  This morning was not an exception so as I was hurrying the two older kiddos out the door, Little Miss decided to throw a fit.  About the Ipod!  Once again, the word pitiful comes to mind. 

Anywho, to get to the point – the kids were throwing their belongings in the back (so I thought) so I left the hatch-back of the van open.  In the midst of my hairs standing up on my arms from the screaming, I jumped in the drivers seat, shut the side doors and happily backed out, leaving the screaming tot in the arms of her daddy!  My nerves would get a break.  Well, at least until 8:05 when my 18 first graders bombarded me with various comments, complaints, and questions.

Did I mention that I shut the back door of the van?  No, I did not. I did not b/c I failed to remember that teensy weensy detail in real life.  Even with the fancy red flashing light warning me a door was ajar. 

So, at the moment I heard crunching-like sounds, I was an idiot.  I was a mad idiot. 

Take a closer look at my van.  This is what happens when you back up with the back door open and it so gently (not the best words to describe the incident) rubs against the frame of your garage.  It obviously does not take a lot of speed or impact to shatter one’s car window.  Folks, I was simply backing out of my driveway heading to carpool and a day of teaching first graders.  I am always prayful on the way to school for a calm and productive day with my monkeys.

At 7:08am , it was not looking too good. 

The kids and I jumped in Daddy’s car, thankful he has a big car to handle the capacity of carpool, and rushed to pick up our fellow riders.   You will be happy to know that I did not cry.  I calmed down and started thanking the Lord for protecting my children.  “What ifs” popped in my head.  What if the kids were in the very back seat and had turned their heads when the window shattered?  What if Little Miss would have been standing by the fence with Daddy waving good-bye to us?  What if it was a wreck happening at greater speed?  The Lord is good!

I thought I had such a good attitude about it until I called the husband at 10:15 to see if he had received an estimate for the damages.  Thankfully, it was lower than we had anticipated BUT how are we to pay for it?  My forever cheerful husband ever so joyfully stated, “That is what savings are for.”  THAT IS NOT what I wanted to hear.  What about my running shoes I was planning on purchasing this afternoon?  And what about the “future house” saving account we started (hence the reason I went back to teaching)? 

Then I started to think of the “what ifs” again.



  1. Jackie
    Posted October 2, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

    Sorry to hear about your car window and garage door. Don’t feel too bad. My son in Florida has done it 3 times.

  2. Posted October 3, 2007 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    Now that makes for a very dramatic start of the day – so sorry it happened but I’m with you, the what if’s put it into perspective and we know it could’ve been worse. Glad everyone is okay and hey- hope there’s a pair of running shoes still in your future!

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