Why I am not writing a post

It is 5pm and I must complete the following before bed which is normally 10:30pm:

1. finish making supper

2.  pack lunches

3.  clean up after supper

4.  hem two karate uniforms

5.  somehow go running (you know, for “me” time)

6.  help the kids finish homework

7.  read 20 minutes with each kid

8.  set out clothes for the morning

9.  type out Parent/Teacher Conference schedule and parent letter

10.  clean bathrooms (my shower is gross)

11.  sweep and mop kitchen floors

12.  feed my daughter’s bunnies (isn’t that her job?)

13.  do one more load of laundry

14.  order the kids’ school pictures

15.  clean the whole house -we have Community Group at our house on Wednesday nights.  Since I work now, it must be done on Tuesday nights although I usually rush home after my personal training session and work like a mad dog and finish it then.  B/c who wants to clean on Tuesday nights? Not I!

16.  have decent conversation with the sweet husband.  I am afraid it will go something like this:  “You know, dear, the garage door is pretty much dead.  We should look into replacing the entire thing.  We also need to purchase that new hot water heater this weekend.  AND did you see the $3,000 bill for our son’s CT scan (that only lasted a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes).  What about the cracks in the wall?  Shouldn’t the foundation guy come out soon and give us an opinion?”    How come my sweet few minutes of deep conversation with dear hubby is usually about money?  So romantic.

17.  bathe and tuck the kids in

18.  put together a costume for Rodeo Day – and this time it is for me! 

19.  make my five year old stop crying (she is currently in the other room screaming).  The joys!

20.  go to bed at a decent hour

I just reread this list.  I am tired. 


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted October 9, 2007 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    Long Knight. (cue cheesy joke cymbal!)

    Our conversations kinda go something like that, too. Sounds like a date night is in order for both of us.

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