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You will be happy to know that everything on the list was successfully completed except for a few.  I decided not to tackle the karate uniforms alone.  I will make a visit to mom this weekend and use her skills and materials. 

She does not know that yet. 

My husband urged me to go to bed and GET OFF THE COMPUTER so the ordering of kids’ school pictures got postponed. 

The husband/wife conversation really didn’t happen but I know it is inevitable tonight.  UUGH!  We received another bill from husband’s little adventure in the hospital that the insurance denied.  Another enchanting topic.

 And you wonder why we are unable to frequently engage in a deep conversation!?!?!  We use to put the kids to bed and have game night and laugh and just enjoy “BEING.”   I even planned late night “picnics” under the stars by the swingset.  Corny! But I miss those times and I know he does too!  I think a game night or “picnic”  is in our near future.

Not tonight.  Or the next night.  Or the next. 

Tonight is Community Group here.

Thursday night I have the grand opportunity to  completely humiliate myself in front of the entire student body AND their families.  I said yes to being on the staff volleyball team.  I keep telling myself that it is all in the spirit of homecoming! 

Friday night the husband and son will be on a Father/Son campout.  The lad has imformed me that it will be a waste of his time.  Doesn’t that make a dad proud?!?!?!?  The root of this comment is that he simply wants to be home on Saturday mornings to watch his beloved cartoons.  Remember that we greatly deprive him and refuse to get the poor child cable.   PITIFUL!

I could give you the list of things I must do tonight.  But then again that would be copying yesterday’s post and is not the least bit creative. 

For now, I must unload the car and move on to getting ready for company IN AN HOUR! 

I forgot to tell you that I failed to vaccuum last night.  And clean the main bathroom.  And fold that last load of laundry.  And clean off this hideous desk.  

 I lied.  Maybe I did not finish as many tasks as I led you to believe on that list after all. 

There is always another day and another list. 


These are a few of the things I did do:


Read with each child.  This is our sweet pumpkin reading alone, just long enough for mom to snap a photo.


Helping with homework.  Some reason homework was a big headache last night.  The lad decided that the handwriting assignment of cursive k’s was not desirable.  It took that boy almost an hour to do ONE page of handwriting.  A roadblock to getting things done last night. 


I did two loads of laundry.

For some reason I felt better about taking a pic of my teeny laundry room instead of the pile of laundry.  Not like I am fooling any of you.  You know exactly what was on my couch most of the day.


Feeding the bunnies.  I thought that was the daughter’s job.  She did indeed feed those little creatures but I ended up cleaning out their bathroom.  It was a lovely and stinky experience. I have been trying to teach Pumpkin to do it but I really don’t want her touching the droppings and all.  I need a better system. 

This is not a great shot of the bunnies.  At least you can see a small part of the wonderful cage Grandaddy designed and built.  He is so talented!

I was busy but productive.  Tired but happy. 

I love serving this family God has given me.  I even love teaching the monkeys.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted October 11, 2007 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

    There’s always a list. Always. I’m so impressed over the blog-worthy pictures of your washer/dryer. Just like a seasoned blogger.

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