Nothing, absolutely nothing

I sat down to post and all that came to mind was NOTHING! 

I started making a list in my head of possible topics.  Too boring!  Too day-to-day.

My dear computer friends really have no interest in the random (and I do mean random) things on my mind.

But JUST in case you do – and to fill this space on my blog- I will tell you a few.

*I sent FIVE students to the office BEFORE 11:15am who all claimed to feel yucky.  I guess you could feel sorry for the other 8 who I refused to let go.  One child complained 41 times (NO KIDDING)!  I finally marched down to the office and whispered in the secretary’s ear, “PLEASE act like you are a Dr. and cure this child of the ‘whinies’!”  I am not sure what she said to the kid, but it worked.  I LOVE Miss Sheila!

*After I retrieved my five year old from a friend (who kept Little Miss b/c Nana couldn’t), I surprised her and took her to the coffee shop for hot chocolate and game playing.  And once again, she whooped my tail at Memory.  It was pathetic! 

*I spent way too much money on the snacks at the coffee shop.  The kids were dropped off from carpool at the shop so OF COURSE I had to give in and treat them to a slice of cheescake for the girl and a cinnamon roll for the boy.

*We are home now and as you can tell I am not at all interested in getting ready for Bible Study that is being held here tonight. 

*My son’s teacher came into my classroom today laughing and shaking her head.  For those of you who do not know my son, he has a very literal brain, and I mean black and white.  Not even gray!  His teacher proceeds to tell me that he was very hesitant about participating in making some sort of dough.   I briefly had observed the third graders making some sort of mess in the hall but was clueless to the point.  It apparently had something to do with obedience and my son could not make the connection and was very peeved about having to do it with NO POINT.  Keep in mind that his most frequent quote is, “It is a waste of my time!” 

*My son just came in here and asked, “Mom have you lost some weight?”  I love him!  If you must know the truth, he was referring to the fact that he could lift the back of the chair.  I am sitting on the front edge.  I can still let him (and me) believe his first observation.  Have I told you that I really love him?!?!?! 

*I am so loving my new running shoes!  As I was running this afternoon, I truly had runner’s bliss.  My knees and hips are so happy! 

*While getting ready for Awana’s a few minutes ago, I checked the calendar to see what night it was.  I thought it was Crazy Hair night but the kids were right in saying it was Store night (that is when they get to spend AWANA coins).  Next thing I knew, Little Miss was in her dresser frantically looking for something.  Daddy asked what she wanted.  Her reply, “I am looking for a star something.”  A star something?  Oh!  It is not star night, it is store night! 

*I walked in the laundry room today and a smell completely overwhelmed me.  My first thought, “Oh no, I left clothes in the washer to spoil AGAIN!”  After sniffing around, I discovered that the potent smell was coming from a size 1 pair of tennis shoes belonging to one certain 7 year old female.  Disgusting! 

*My husband brought me flowers home last night.  I think I don’t like to admit that bringing flowers to me is a gesture that truly makes my heart sing.  I love that man!  I RARELY send him to the store for a last minute item but the run for cilantro sure worked in my favor.

That is all of my nothing!


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