I stayed home from the gym for this

This morning I decided to give in to my children’s request and stay home from the gym.  I have been struggling with the fact that Friday is my weekly day off.  The problem with that is that my children are also off from school and that messes my agenda up.  MY agenda.  Doing what I want to do.  Those little munchkins have their own agenda as well. 

Instead of heading to one of the two classes per week I get to go to, I stayed home.  I made three children happy.  Nothing real exciting.  Just normal, at home stuff. 

Check out the photos of what I caught them doing at 9:30am, the time I am always at the gym. 

The lad on the computer.  He has had to lose a lot of time this week due to homework issues so he was VERY happy about earning his computer time back this morning!


Little Miss loves slow moving mornings.  Sitting on the couch sipping chocolate milk and watching a movie is her idea of fun.


I am afraid the bunnies were very disappointed that we stayed home.  Pumpkin and her friend played dress up….with the bunnies! 

Notice the overalls on the creature!  Yes, that is a REAL rabbit!


The day is ending and Daddy is on his way home.  Dinner is in the oven and my children are content.  Five loads of laundry done, grocery shopping complete, and a plan to go running tonight. 

Because I stayed home from the gym this morning. 

And I have no regrets.


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