Focus . . . focus . . . focus (for whom?)

 In the past two days I have calculated that I said the word attention 1,909 times, focus 1,833 times, and reading level 800 times.  I have prayed over 12 little heads, assured many parents that their child is indeed doingjustfinethankyou, and stumbled through sharing some not so good to hear comments. 

The lack of focus and unattentiveness seem to be the theme. 

I have only had 12 parent/teacher conferences (5 to go) and they are all sounding oddly alike.

And to be totally off subject (I have lots of first graders showing me how to master this)…

We were actually talking about the word odd today and one sweet little guy was convinced it had something to do with things falling from the sky.

 Yep, I am still a little confused about that one.

Anyhoo…back to parent conferences.  I noticed that I was a broken record about the focus thing. 

I also realized that I only THOUGHT becoming a parent proved I was a hypocrite.  Teaching adds a confirmation that is very humbling. 

So maybe the focus/attention dealy is not all them?!?!  

Hmmm…I wonder how many times my mother heard attention and hyper comments during parent/teacher conferences.  Considering she sometimes mentions, ever so lovingly, that maybe, just maybe, some drugs would be helpful to me.

I don’t think so. 

But do they have some drugs handy for 6 year olds?

I would like to remind my mom that she is the one who denied me that gift years ago.  Of course I believe it was my brother who needed it more than me.  I was in control.  I still don’t know why on earth my mom continously said something like, “Sister, practice self-control, you know it is just controlling yourself and doing what is right even when you do not want to do it, after all, it is a fruit of the spirit.”  I am pretty sure Mom made that fruit the biggest one on my Fruit of the Spirit tree. 

Can I spit now?

I really need to spit because I quoted my mother verbatim this morning to my 18 little monkeys. 

Oh yes I did.


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  1. Posted October 24, 2007 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Hmmmm. I know why God wanted you to be a teacher. And I know why He gave your mom to you. Those kids in your class (and their parents) are blessed.

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