Oh yes, please feel free to nominate us for parents of the year

We do our best to keep our children safe.  Well, if you consider the storm drain safe and appropriate, then sign us up for parents of the year. 

Who needs a McDonald’s playground when you have the city sewer in your very own front yard?  And I am pretty certain that there are more germs living on the fast food playground than in our storm drain.  So yes, we really do consider the health and safety of our precious children.

Go ahead, you may nominate us now.  We will gladly accept the Parents of the Year award.

Thank you!  Thank you very much.



To clarify why exactly we put our children in the drains…

We were the lucky winners on our block to be the keeper of the storm drain.  Now that may not sound like a big deal to some but it has provided us with great misery and excitement.  Numerous times we have had knocks on our door with children pleading to PLEASE GET MY BALL OUT OF YOUR DRAIN.  They act like we own it and are responsible for all losses.  If we did indeed own it and designed it, I will assure you that we most certainly would not have made the gap so large!  A toddler can easily slide right in. 

We have had guests park directly in front of it and lose keys, glasses, cups, etc. 

After these incidents we went out and bought a tool to open the drain so we could have easy access to the world below.  It has brought great joy! 

Especially for the children.

Seeing that neither the husband nor I care to crawl down under the earth, we so lovingly place our children down there.  The first time we encountered this adventure, nobody volunteered.  But now, after years of opportunities, they fight over the chance to be lowered into the black hole.  I really do have cute pics of all of them and will definitely post them once I figure out our problem. 

I know you are thinking what fun and creative parents we are. 

And how very protective we are of our children. 

Go ahead, be envious.  Just this once.


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