Daily Archives: October 30th, 2007

The Big Day

I am so sure you are agonizing over the unfinished story. There is a very big possibility that you do not care.  Too bad.  I am bound and determined to finish what I started even if I should truly be doing something else.  Like maybe making cupcakes for Pumpkin’s class tomorrow. So…I left ya hangin’ at 10 […]

I was such a fashion statement this time 8 years ago…

October 30, 1999- About 24 hours before delivering our sweet Pumpkin.  I do believe that maternity clothes have changed for the better since then.  Thank heavens.  Not that I have any use for them anymore.  Absolutelynotthankyouverymuch!  Notice how huge our newly turned one year old was?  Do you also notice he wanted nothing to do […]