Because the chicken costume is evidently a tradition

Four years ago I bought a chicken costume.  On sale.  For almost nothing.  I was preparing ahead for the children to have a barnyard costume to wear in their school’s Christmas play.  The lad’s first year at school, he was a lamb.  Well, sort of.  He was a molting little lamb.  I searched everywhere for a CHEAP and simple gray jogging suit.  I finally found it the night before his performance.  Once I found it, I was not so sure what I was going to do with it.  I ran to Wal-Mart, bought a super size bag of pillow stuffing, and started safety pinning that “stuff” all over the gray outfit.  It was a disaster.  If we had trouble spotting our boy, we just had to look down at the ground and follow the trail of white fluffy clouds.


I have since thought of better ways to make a lamb.  A lamb that does not molt. 

I also decided I was done with being creative AND handy.  Wasn’t working for me.

Knowing that Pumpkin would be in Primer the following year, I shouted with glee when I spotted this cute costume at Old Navy for just a few dollars.  Who cared if it was early January?  It would sit in the closet until next December.  Pumpkin would be the ONLY chicken.  I just knew it.  And she would not shed! 

And she certainly did not shed.  The school decided to have open house instead of a Christmas play. 

So the costume hung in the closet for about a year.  It was untouched until the lad somehow developed a chicken fetish.  I do not have to tell you what that meant.  He wore it at inappropiate times.  Outside in 98 degree weather.  To the store.  He tried to wear it to church.  I won that battle.  And you better believe he wore it to all the fall festivals we could attend. 

Last year he put that thing on and was not the least bit phased that it was TOO small.  Very small.  The chicken’s “torso” is to go beyond the human’s rear.  He didn’t seem to be concerned about being anatomically correct. 

This year I thought for sure he would surrender.  Oh no!  That 9-year-old child was grunting as he squeezed into the size 5T costume.  Surely after three good years with it, and now wearing a boy’s size 10, he would give it up.  Not on his life.  His poor arms were losing circulation due to the tightness around them.  No kidding. 

I am his mom.  I am proud.  I always say my kids are so cute. 

But tonight.  Oh tonight, I just don’t think I could say that.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Not this one.  I think one word is sufficient. 



The socks on the hands?  Well, I just can’t explain that one either. 

I am proud.  I am proud.  I AM PROUD!


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