My children have a reputation

If you are having a birthday party for your child, you might not want to invite my children.

If you are specifically having a pinata at your child’s birthday party, you will definitely dread having my children in attendance.

Tonight at a birthday party, my daughter decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps and be the PINATA TERROR.  I really doubt there are adequate words to describe the incident.  Disciplining my child was just about impossible due to my hysterical laughing.  Four parents were chasing my 8 year old around the yard in hopes of rescuing Spongebob.  They were laughing uncontrollably as well. It was quite a sight.  I finally cornered the “happy child” and snatched poor Bob from her grasp.  The birthday boy was horrified.  Well, until I dumped Bob upside down and dumped the 33 pound load of candy on his head.  

 It was terribly similar to the swiping of the Spider Man and the Dragon pinatas at previous parties.  It was sad.  Very very sad.

Not only do my children beat the tar out of an innocent pinata, they tend to furiously swing the “bat” uncontrollably in every direction.  Now this makes it rather impossible for any logical adult to intervene and stop the frantic child.  And who do you suppose gets the joy of “breaking the pinata”? 

You got it.   My sweet children.  Actually, on days like today, you can call them their Daddy’s children.  Thank you.

My children take the joy away from the partygoers, swipe all the candy, run off with the evidence and make the birthday child cry.

Yes, we are a joy to have at birthday parties. 


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