This is why I did not want pets in the first place…


Do you see what is happening here? 

It is a little girl and a bunny. 

 A sad little girl and a dead bunny.  Well, almost dead.

 Do you see the tears and the pouty lip?  This BROKE my heart!  While this dying scene took place in the living room, I walked in on my son kneeling by my bed asking Jesus to heal our bunny.  If you know my son, he is NOT deep.  He is reluctant to pray at the supper table.  But this afternoon I saw the sweetest side to him.  He was absolutely concerned about the bunny and even his sister being sad.  He was in tears and the only thing he said he could do was go pray.  I did not hear every word but the end of it went, “Jesus, I know you want us to be happy and the bunny too. ” 

I walked back to the death bed and my sweet Pumpkin looked up at me and said with another bucket load of tears, “Momma, I prayed two times!”

Right then I realized that this would be a lesson on prayer so I sat down with the kids – with Pumpkin still gently stroking Brownie the bunny.  The little critter was hanging on . . . barely.  A very weak heartbeat but other than that . . . lifeless.   I told them that God loves to talk to them and that He hears their prayers but He has bigger ideas than ours.  And that it pleases him when they trust in him and go straight to him with their fears and sadness.  And it is a bunny and death is part of their life cycle and when we have pets, we will have to deal with them dying.  The two older ones looked up at me with their sweet blue teary eyes.  They nodded their heads and said, “We know but we want that bunny to walk around again.” 

It was then I also realized that I just did not know how to explain it.  This was not in the parenting handbook or I just flat out missed the chapter on “How to Help Your Child Grieve Her Pet.” 

After an hour or so of this touch and go scenario, Grandaddy arrived to fetch the children to take them home for an overnight stay.


That little bunny was STILL alive!  I had a lecture about how to take care of the bunny that was very sick as Pumpkin was crawling into Grandaddy’s car.  I kissed them all goodbye and told them not to expect the bunny to be alive in the morning.  They seemed to understand and accept it. 

Two hours later, the husband and I were out on a date.  I was feeling a little weighted down from the emotional afternoon and was concerned about the kids.  I called and Gran said they were fine and moving on.  Sigh.

The husband and I ate a great supper at Cuba Libre, did a bit of shopping in Dallas then headed home to bury the bunny (that I was certain was dead at our departure). 

I had wrapped the bunny up in a towel, placed him on the couch and decided we would deal with it when we got home.  After all it was DATE NIGHT.  Not sure why I chose the corner of the couch but it looked like a good cozy place to pass.  So when I came home I was shocked to find that the bunny had rolled off the couch (not sure how you do that if you are not moving) and was still alive! 

That bunny was still alive!  We basically had the shovel in hand ready to bury that critter so when the kids came home in the morning we could all move on and not be reminded of the sadness.  Our plan had to change. 

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A LIFELESS BUNNY?  He had a heartbeat…barely.  There was no way I would ever sleep again if we buried a rabbit that we were not 100% sure was dead.  I called my co-teacher whose husband is a veterinarian.  I had already spoken to him upon my daughter’s pleading earlier in the afternoon.  He reminded me that rabbits are prey animals.  THANKYOUVERYMUCH and now you can tell that to my 8 year old?!?!?!  I asked him if I was missing something obvious and he said no, just get him out of his misery.  How am I suppose to do that if you don’t treat prey animals?!?!?!?  HE suggested a “pocket pet” doctor friend of his.   I informed him that the rabbit was still alive…not really…and asked, “WHAT DO I DO?”  He told me if it is still hanging on in the morning to take it to his friend, the pocket pet dr.

I am a sensitive mother but I think I have a little common sense as well.   All I could think of was dollar signs and still a dead bunny. 

 The husband removed the pet from our house and put him in the little travel cage.   Do you know that the little critter peed on him?  How can a dead thing pee? 

OH!  The husband cleaned himself up, tried squirting water in the rabbit’s mouth, and came in declaring the bunny dead. 

Not so fast, mister.  I have already declared the time of death about 47 times.  THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

The morning will tell us if we will indeed have a graveside service.  This will be a private event, thank you.



  1. Posted November 2, 2007 at 10:04 pm | Permalink

    Oh my gosh, he rolled off the couch while you went out on a date?! I can really see your sensitive side here, my friend. I’m laughing! But I feel so bad for your kids, I know what it’s like to lose a pet in my childhood and let me tell ya, in their world it’s a humongous loss. Again, this is an opportunity to look to the great Huxtable family for advice. They would most definitely have a funeral for Brownie and maybe sing a blues song together. In a darkened room with a spotlight and a live studio audience.

  2. bloginmyeye
    Posted November 3, 2007 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    Oh, my dd prayed for a bunny for a long time. I finally ended up getting her a “Fur Real” Friend animated stuffed bunny. I just don’t think I could deal all with the real-bunny gnawing and pellets.

    We’ve mourned two dogs in the last two years, and just endured the agonizing trial of choosing a new dog with children involved. But our new dog, Mac, is great.

    Best of luck in your continuing journey through childhood pet ownership.

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