The child wants to be adopted…by her Grandaddy!

You know that your child has her Grandaddy wrapped TIGHTLY around her little finger when Little Miss announces after a night together that she wants her grandaddy to adopt her.  I wasn’t sure to laugh out loud or be desperately shocked by the comment. 

I ended up laughing. 

Now I am not exactly sure what goes on over there when we are not around.  I gather hints like:  staying up late, eating pizza or hot dogs, cinnamon muffins, promises of a new bunny, hide and seek, Starbucks frappucinos, etc, etc.   It also has to do with the idea of being THE center of the universe.  And I must hand it to Gran and Grandaddy: how on earth they make three demanding children feel like an only child for the weekend is WAY beyond me. 

I am certain I could NEVER measure up to my in-laws.  But the truth is that I trust them completely and if they can issue out another adult as wonderful as their son, then where do I sign? 

And while we all know that the sweet little child is stuck with us until she is 18, I will just have to accept the fact that, for now, “The children are spoiled because you can’t spank the grandparents!” 


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  1. Siv
    Posted November 10, 2007 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    Hey, what about issuing out another adult as wonderful as their DAUGHTER, thank you very much!!! :o)

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