How old is he?

I walked into the kitchen this morning around 6am and found this.


I had to blink to make sure I was looking at my son, not my husband.  Not only is he HUGE but he looks like his dad.  And…how many nine year olds read the morning paper? 

The Lad told me that he read over 40 minutes this morning.  I do believe that counts for his homework reading time, don’t you think?  I once read that a newspaper is written on a 5 th grade reading level.   Not sure if that is true but who am I to discredit our Dallas Morning News for providing our child with academically appropriate material? 

If you look closely, you will notice he is in the sports section.  Oh yes, you better believe he was up way before 6am desperately seeking out the final score of the Cowboys’ game.  We were such mean parents and made him go to bed.  On a school night.  How horrible.  

Not even for the Cowboys, son, not even for the Cowboys! 

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