Thank you, Mr. Officer

I want to thank Officer Michael D. for assisting me in becoming a better person.   Because of his quota dealy meeting my 2 mile over the speed limit thingy, I have been grumpy to my husband, yelled at the children, and have thought thoughts that are NOT VERY NICE.  This has all occurred in the last 30 minutes! 

Am I proud of this?  Most definitely not!

But do I want to blame? Oh you better believe it. 

Am I irritated?  Yes, and then some. 

SIX HOURS of watching a video.  I have not watched T.V. in over 17 days (except for the 5 minutes of the Cowboy game).  I tried watching a movie with the kids last week but of course I had to get up and make dinner then clean up. 

I am desperately trying to finish this stinkin’ Defensive Driving video.  In 90 minutes, I have had to stop the entertainment 33 times. 

The children were supposedly in bed while I was taking my first quiz online.  And let me tell you, quizzes and me don’t mix well.  It is always tragic. 

I am typically a  nervous wreck when I am trying to complete a task and children interrupt me (and to think I am Mom to three kids and a first grade teacher . . . hmm).  I sensed trouble when Little Miss was evidently not tucked in and decided it was time for chatting.  

At the end of the more relevant questions, the internet asked me the first letter of my last name and then the first letter of my first name.  And can you believe I got it wrong?  Yes, my friends I certainly did.  I am pitiful.  Who gave me a driver’s license in the first place so many years ago?  

Pitiful.  Absolutely pitiful. 

Of course Mr. Internet had to boldly announce that I got it wrong. 

That is when I got mad. 

Earlier (before the quiz and stress thingy) as I was watching hour #2, my 8 year old came in and asked, “Are you watching that 6 hour movie?” 

“Yes.” I replied, “Don’t I look excited about it?” 

“No,” she answered, “you look more like mad.” 

Now the sad thing is my children know the sweet man who gave me a ticket by name.  They have also spotted him around town.  Little Miss approached him one morning at Chick-fil-a and tried to carry on a conversation with him.  Once I reminded him (oh yes, I was polite, but only on the outside) that my child recognized him from the 2 mile over the speed limit incident, he quickly wiped the smile off his face and walked away. 

Yep, he was guilty.  I do believe he knew that he was not too nice to me that day AND he should have been out chasing the real bad guys (as my children keep pointing out).  Not stopping a happy momma in a mini van on the way to church. 

Thank you for letting me vent.

There is one thing that made me want to gag again over this whole thing.  My son begged me to allow him to watch the Defensive Driving course with me.  He plopped on the bed behind me and was rather intent on the presentation.  He even told me how cool it was.  Oh yes he did.  And oh yes I wanted to gag.  Or spit on him.  But he was on my bed and if I spat on him, somebody would have to wash the sheets.  It would have to be me and we all know that I am officially glued to this chair for another 4 hours and 30 minutes thankyouverymuch.  

On the bright side – and in the spirit of me TRYING to have a better attitude – I climbed on that bed with my son for a few minutes.  I rubbed his feet and tried to tell myself that if I wasn’t stuck watching the video, I would not have this time with my son.  It worked. 

Until Thing 2 and Thing 3 appeared and wanted in on the fun. 

They actually all sat back and watched that silly thing.  I was shocked.  They were still and quiet.  Well, law have mercy, where was this 2 hours earlier when they were chasing each other around the house?   I might be onto something. 

So for a few very brief minutes, I was content to carry on with the Defensive Driving. 

This is why: 


Don’t I look thrilled?  Once again, I will confess that I am not bitter.

But I lie.


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