It just doesn’t take much

At times I feel like my kids drain me.  Completely.  It is not that they ask for big things, just a lot of things.  When you have three of them needing wanting you 24/7, you start to suffocate.  At least I do. 

Now please don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love these children and it is my joy to serve them.  But I get weary. 

So tonight, as I gave the last kiss, I walked down the hall smiling.  

Three simple things made an impact on three little lives tonight.  And at the moment I gave of myself, it did not seem too important or very memorable.

So as I abandoned my idea of what to do tonight and poured just a wee bit of attention into the kids, I was blessed – ultimately, overjoyed.

My hour long coffee date with Pumpkin made her giddy.  She even dressed up for the occasion and seemed a bit put out with me when I threw on a t-shirt and workout shorts.  It didn’t seem to matter as I sat around the table at the the coffee shop playing games with her.  It was priceless.  Her constant grin said it all.  She has been asking for a coffee date for WEEKS and when I brought it up tonight, she was thrilled.

“Like father like son” is a true quote around here.  All I have to do to speak volumes to our boy is rub his feet.  I am still not certain how it ends up in a back scratch as well.  And the tummy, and the head.  Have I mentioned “like father like son”? 

Little Miss.  All she needs is a bit of controlled roughhousing and kisses and she is energized (not like she needs a higher energy level).  She feels loved and appreciated. 

So the few minutes I spent with all of them tonight – even after a crazy pajama day at school, followed by a lovely headache – was well worth the  investment. 

I love those kids. 

As they get older I am learning that they truly each have a love language.  Tonight proved to me what they each might be. 

The Lad is touch.  Hmmmmmm…… father…..

Sweet Pumpkin is time spent and words of encouragement.  The husband says her love language is the mall.   Should we be concerned about this?  She is just 8!  Words tend to make or break her.  I have had to be cautious on this one. Remember that I have the gift of gab.  She is so tender.  So precious. 

Little Miss is time spent.  And b/c she is still rather demanding, it is very easy for us to say she has the gift of service.  She is sort of young to be making this assessment but when she “gives” of herself, her spirit is full of servanthood.  Can’t wait to see where the Lord takes that one!

Not sure how I ended up being deep tonight.  I know, this is not too deep but you won’t get a lot out of me. 

The Lord showed me in such simple ways tonight that I don’t need to be home ALL day with them to impact them (this weekend I had a major guilt-driven meltdown).  Or to pour affection on them.  Or to make memories.  It is my heart and the time I do give.  It means time away from bloggyville, cleaning, and work stuff. 

They just want me.  And really, that is not that much.


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted November 12, 2007 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    What a sweet post. I’m glad that after a hard day and feeling exhausted from meeting the needs of your three, it was actually spending time with them that made you feel better. How cool is that? I put great stock in the whole love language deal. One time I asked Max how he feels loved by me and right away he said “because you hug me!”. This has actually helped me when I’m talking seriously to him, too, to remember to touch him in a loving way and hold him close while we talk.

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