Apparently they forgot we too work for a non-profit

When you sit at an auction when the lowest bids seem to be in the 5 digit area, you KNOW you are at the wrong dinner.  Or the host just simply forgot who you are.  Maybe he thought you had some deep family ties to MONEY. 

It did occur to me that it was rather strange for my husband and I to be sitting at a benefit dinner and auction.  We actually go to a few but they always benefit “our” non profit organization

And as my husband’s coworker and wife sat next to us, all we wanted was the food.  Rachel even tried to beg the waiter for rolls to tide us over.  He wouldn’t give in.  She even tried her Spanish out on him.  Still wouldn’t budge.   So we sat.  And sat.

We arrived on time.  Others did not and the check-in system was a little on the slow side.  We even plotted how we would escape to the Reunion Tower just a few steps away (I have lived in Dallas for a total of 17 years and have NEVER made it to the top of that ball).  As the rest of the guests were tromping around bidding on the slient auction items, there we sat. 

Dinner was scrumptious.  Our table mates provided great conversation and I was rather taken by the way an auction is run.  I am talking a professional auctioneer!  He even had sidekicks (I am sure there is a politically correct name for those guys) who did funny hand motions and yelled loudly.  For a few minutes I felt as if I was in the middle of the stock market.  I was amused at how those guys convinced the man at the table next to us, “Come on… if you can do $8,000, why not $8500?” 

If I had 8k then surely I would have a measly $5oo more.  Sure.

I also realized that I am in the wrong career.  I have been told on numereous occasions that I have the gift of gab.  And I talk fast.  Nobody believes that not only am I Texan but my folks are slow talking Mississippi-drawl natives.  So, being put on a stage and giving full liberty to see how many words you can say in a minute ROCKS! 

I think I missed my calling. 

Back to the true meaning of being at the Hyatt Regency (Reunion tower) last night…

Land has been purchased for a home/camp/retreat center for AIDS orphans in Zambia.  Zambia has the highest number of AIDS orphans in the world!  This home will hold over a thousand children.  Now all they need is funds to build the keen facilities that an architect drew up free of charge.  And that is why 800 of us were sitting in the ballroom.  To raise money for a home.  A home for the children who have only experienced death.  A home where they can experience life. 

Although the only contribution we gave to Family Legacy Missions International last night was helping with the dishescleaning our plates, we were blessed to hear all the GREAT stuff they are doing with orphans in Zambia.  And it is so nifty that we are a part of different “organizations” but are of one KINDGDOM serving these precious orphans worldwide.  We are both non profits serving one great God.

John 14:18 

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”

How will you “go” to orphans this month?  Or even this holiday season?

GO!  Be challenged and find a non-profit serving orphans and jump in with both feet.  And if you happen to be in the mood for feet, why don’t you help put some shoes on those feet?! 

If you are curious, click here.


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