So maybe she should be adopted…

. . . because her very own mother missed her big Thanksgiving Feast. 

Of course her beloved grandparents made an appearance. 

But not her momma.  

I had guilt.

My sweet friend, Suzanne, tried to convince me that it wasn’t that fancy and I really did not miss much.  I do believe she lies.  With good intentions – but she lies.

Does the child look as if she misses her momma? 


NO!  As I was leaving at 7 am today, she refused to hug and kiss me goodbye.  She had nothing to do with the snuggling I offered.  All I got from her was:  “I don’t want to hug you, only Daddy and I have a program today at school.” 

Thank you.  I will deal with that guilt as I am missing my other two children’s Thanksgiving feast (ALL were happening at THE SAME TIME as my first grade class’ program and feast). 

All I have to say to deal with the guilt is thank the good Lord for grandparents living close by.  Two sets of grandparents, that is. 

My folks drove out to our school to partake in the 2nd and 3rd grade feast (that were held together – a blessing) while the husband and his folks did the preschool thing. 

And me?  The mom?


Editor’s note:  To understand more about the being adopting dealy, click here.


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