And what exactly is he pledging to?


I hope my husband is pledging to be the one to participate in all that boyish, wild stuff.  Because after tonight seeing all those boys running around that school cafeteria, I want nothing to do with any more chaos. 

The teacher in me was about to POP when the scouts were so obnoxious.  I restrained myself.  Actually, I was chasing down my own little wild thing who by the grace of God only asked to go potty 3 times during the hour ceremony.  I was so proud.

I will give credit to that little finger peace-like hand symbol jobby they had going on.  It quieted them down. 

But not for long.

I just had to post this pic for nostalgia purposes.  I think those boys are so very cute in their uniforms.  The Lad is in the middle.  The other two belong to my dear friend. 


Random note:  Do you notice the long sleeves on The Lad and coat on the husband?  Yes, it was nippy tonight. 

heehee!  Bring on the turkey and let’s watch us some football! 


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