Daily Archives: November 18th, 2007

I really did completely decorate for Christmas this weekend

So I decided my blog needed to catch the holiday spirit too. Some say I am crazy for putting Christmas before Thanksgiving but I learned a little hint a couple of years ago . . . I always feel much more relaxed and THANKFUL at Thanksgiving if I have completed the BIG task of decorating.  […]

8 things you do not know about me

As a result from clicking on Jennifer’s name on Boomama’s comment list, I was tagged.  Wouldn’t you know?  The first time to visit a blog and I get tagged.  So, dear Jennifer, I have no clue who you are but because I am obedient and play by the rules (not really), I will participate in […]

FUN classical music for children

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, I have just ordered way too many CDs for me my children and students.  My students especially enjoy classical music.  I am so proud of how they can distinguish between a few major composers.  Now I am ready to expand their interest and knowledge.  I want them to learn the […]