FUN classical music for children

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, I have just ordered way too many CDs for me my children and students.  My students especially enjoy classical music.  I am so proud of how they can distinguish between a few major composers.  Now I am ready to expand their interest and knowledge.  I want them to learn the story behind each composer and learn to appreciate the classics more. 

I just bought this:

Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along SymphoniesThe pieces have silly words sung to famous classical music, which help you to learn the music while enjoying the lovely tunes.  My kids heard me listening to the samples and came running to the computer.  I hope they enjoy it.  I will.

I bought this too:

This is another great series of classical CDs for children.  It is called the Classical Kids Collections.  The CDs usually tell stories about the composers’ lives to their own music.  They are very interesting and introduce you (and your kiddos) to a specific composer and his music.

Here are some of the titles in the series:

Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Mr. Bach Comes to Call

Tchaikovsky Discovers America

and this:

You can find these items (and many more I just could not afford) here. 

I am thrilled to introduce these items to my children and students.  I bought the Christmas one for my class to enjoy during the season of Advent.  The other two will go into the stockings of 2 of my children.  I am certain those CDs will make their way into my classroom soon after the holidays. 

And now, thanks to Sarah once again, I will spend money to further educate my children in fine art.  I will be buying this book and other similar ones next. 

Katie Meets the Impressionists

(and others in this series)

Hope you will enjoy exploring these fun items to enhance your child’s knowledge and appreciation of the finer things in life (to maybe counteract the many not-so-fine things they see and hear). 



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