It just isn’t Thanksgiving weekend without Southlake Carroll football

That is, the Dragons winning of course.

As a highschooler living in the initial start of the Dragons’ victory streak, we NEVER left town over the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was a rule that we attended the playoff games, and one being of upmost importance held at Texas Stadium. 

Over the years I continued to go with my folks and cheer on our fearless Dragons but after I married and moved 1,444 miles away the tradition kind of died. 

For me, but not for Dad. 

Once husband and I moved back to Texas after our 5-year adventure in Washington, D.C., we began a new tradition of traveling with his family to Amarillo to be with husband’s maternal grandmother and aunt. 

But this year.  Oh this year we were around and you better believe we bundled up the children (have I mentioned it has been COLD around here the past few days?) and headed to Texas Stadium. 

I thought it was even better than expected because my brother and one of his FIVE children joined us. 

I was happy. 

A little cold.

Very happy.  We won!

Dad was happy but a little focused.  Maybe a little obsessed.

He loves his grandchildren but they have a habit of being children and not focusing their full attention on the game. 

Personally, I thought they did very well considering they sat there for almost 3 hours with people all around them.

This is the part of my post where I want to discuss (but won’t) the completely unneccesary comment made by a woman about my children and how I was not truly sorry that they were in her way.  I tamed my tongue and did not remind her that her rear end was in my face for 2 minutes during a play – which I missed – and a few serious football fans behind me yelled at her. 

No, I did not mention that. 

Oh!  I wasn’t going to mention this episode, now was I?

But all’s well that ends well. 

We won!

I already said that. 



dscf2530.jpgI failed to take pictures of the actual football game.  At least I captured the Dragon Band doing a funky dance.  Yes, the band was dancing.  I’m telling you, people, that I was raised in a football-crazed town.  Those folks over in Southlake will do anything for some championship teams.  Oh yes they will. 


Now does she look bothersome to you? Oh!  I wasn’t going to talk about it, was I?

Hope YOU have enjoyed some football this holiday weekend.


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