A change

Today my husband’s sweet grandmother signed over this house to its new owners. 


I just happened to be in the neighborhood and could not resist taking a photo for nostalgia purposes.   

I love the look of this house. 

It makes me sad that in a few weeks it will be bulldozed and construction will start on a “mansion.”  That is what is happening to all the smaller older homes in this prestigious area of Dallas.  And although the thought of it coming down and Grandmother no longer residing there makes me a bit sentimental, I can only imagine how it makes her children and 8 grandchildren feel.  They have made about a million more memories in that house than I have.

As I was driving home (I was alone), I started contemplating life.  Thinking how things change.  I tend to despise change.  I have seen in my own life that change is so unpleasant at the time but is to glorify the Lord in the end.  That part makes me view change as refreshing.  I love that about how God works in our lives.  He brings changes to our lives that we can’t understand.  We can’t see how it can be better.  But He makes things beautiful in his sweet time, in His master plan.  So, while changes like this (that really doesn’t effect me personally) seem sad, I like to think of all the great times and experiences that will come from it.  In this case, Grandmother is free from domestic duties, esp. outdoor ones.  She has a social calendar that is full until February.  She is now living in a LOVELY retirement village.  She was even able to transfer most of her great antique furniture there.  When I walked in, it felt like her.  And that is how God works.   


She is rather lovely herself!                                             


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  1. Sheli
    Posted November 30, 2007 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    The house reminds me of alot of the homes in Minden! They actually have character!!

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