So I falsely accused my dear husband

I blamed my husband for me not writing a post yesterday. 

I owe him an apology. 

It seemed to me that he took the camera to D.C. with him so when it was time for me to FINALLY post all about our fun Christmas-filled weekend, I blamed him. 

When he called home last night I laughed and told him that I was unable to complete my post due to the camera being on a little trip with him. 

 He paused and told me that he couldn’t find it. 

“You lost it?”  I asked. 

Keep in mind that we JUST got it back from repairs last week. 

I was a little irritated with us at that point. 

Then it hit me.

It was in the camera case in my new HUMONGOUS purse. 

So, we can blame the deep dark corners of my new too-big purse.  I swore I would not pile more stuff in there just because it was bigger than my wee one. 

I was wrong.

And now I must actually post some pictures now that I have safely retrieved my camera from the depths of my black bag.

Maybe in my next post . . .


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