Deck them halls y’all

We have already experienced quite a few fun Christmas activities.  Here are photos from some of them.


At the galleria. 

We all know exactly what each one was thinking. 

Well, if you don’t know my children maybe you don’t.

The Lad – “Hmmm. Let me see.  It is approximately 52.3 feet from here to there.  If I double that it would be. . . and if I divide it by 4.  . . ”  Yes, he is a math geek.

The Pumpkin: ” Oh!  Look at those beautiful colors and the lovely ice skaters.   How nice.  It would be grand if I had the opportunity to iceskate today.  Maybe if I gave my pouty lip, my folks would consent.” 

 Little Miss:  “Who needs an escalator when jumping would be faster!”

Now that should help clarify the personalities of our children.

Don’t you just love how adorable the girls look in their coordinating Christmas outfits?

You must be wondering how on earth I decided that the Lad should wear orange.  They look so grand together, don’t you think? 


For those of you who have (or ever had) a nine year old boy, the whole coordinating with his little sisters thingy does not go over too well. 

He did agree to wear the plaid shirt for the 6 minutes it took to take our Christmas card photo.  After that, off it went.

The main objective at the Galleria was to visit the new American Girl Doll Boutique and Bistro.  Yes, you read that right.  A bistro for your daughter and doll.  Don’t even ask the cost.

Pumpkin was absolutely thrilled.  They both had a blast roaming around the 22,000 feet store.

Our girls do not own any of the dolls. 

But Christmas is coming!


This past Saturday was the Children’s parade in downtown Dallas.  We took my niece and nephew with us.  All five of the children did great and seemed to enjoy it.  I was a bit concerned about the 2 year old being content but she was probably the most intrigued.  She was perfect!  That’s my niece! 



Pumpkin, their cousin Sarah, and Little Miss walking to the parade.


Our crew of five.  I have a mighty fine nephew too.


The husband with our niece.  Can you tell we are crazy about her?

After the parade, we met up with the husband’s family for lunch.  Even with a total of six children, we had a nice meal.

On Sunday night my principal treated the teachers to dinner out and then to  The Dallas Bach Society’s presentation of Handel’s Messiah.  Sensational!  Long, but sensational.  Loved it.  Unfortunately, I do not have photos from this experience. 

Many more fun family times to come.  Tomorrow the husband returns but FIRST the children and I will attend the Nutcracker at the Children’s Theater.  We will have lunch with my sister-in-law and son then head to the airport to fetch Daddy! 

We plan on attending our town’s annual Christmas in the Park event in the evening.  The forecast is saying high of 77 degrees.  It might look like Christmas but it does not feel like Christmas.  Of course we are in Texas and that will change in a day or two . I think on Monday the high is 52.  Never know. 

Happy Christmas Fun to you all!


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