Our 2007 in pictures and of course a few words

Maybe these aren’t the best actual photos but they represent my favorite “things” from 2007.

1.  Sweet Grandmother went home to be with Jesus in January.


This picture is a couple years old so I had to scan it.  It doesn’t look too great but it is one of my favorite pictures of this sweet lady.  I loved her dearly.  Although she was my husband’s grandmother, I took full claim on her as well.   The lovely thing is she claimed me as her own too.  She blessed my life in more ways than I can list. 

2.  Our new Honda Odyssey


We were blessed to buy a new Honday Odyssey in February.  We now have two!  Can you believe we have TWO minivans?  Crazy.  I never wanted one.  Amazing how parenting changes your view on things.

3. The Lad asked Jesus into his heart in February.


 This is my brother talking to him about salvation. 

My brother was honored to baptize his nephew.  I was honored to have him do so.


4.  A trip to Disney World in May.  Thanks to Nana and Papa (my folks) for treating all of us to a lovely vacation as a Christmas present.  My brother and two of his children joined us.  His wife was 7 months pregnant with twins so we left her at home with the 2 year old.   We had a blast.  The husband and I looked at each other on the plane on the way home and both declared that to be the most exhausting 6 days of our lives but had no idea how much so until we sat on that plane.  How can pure exhaustion be so fun?  The children are constantly saying, “When we go next year . . .”  Uhhummm. . . Anyone?  Papa?  Anyone? 





5.  A new computer. . . finally.  I am now able to do picture magic on my hard drive and keep you entertained with my blog.  I know you are thankful!

The computer arrived while the husband was in Guatemala so there it sat in the foyer for days.  Since mom was afraid to touch the parts, the girls decided to take advantage of the in-house playground.


6.  Even after a superb trip to Disney World in May, we were blessed to go on our annual trip to Taos, New Mexico with the husband’s family.  We always have a grand time relaxing and being together.  Things were a little crazier this year with another kiddo, our toddler nephew (he did not cause the chaos, but our Little Miss did – she would not keep her hands off of him).


7.  Pumpkin danced in competitions again this year.  She was super but decided to take up horseback riding instead in the fall.  She misses dance but I do believe she is in her element.  And of course she is now pushing for you know what!  Well, that is a mighty big goal.  Especially since a horse not only takes time and food but it needs a place bigger than our 50 x 30 foot backyard.  Oh!  Money would be nice to solve the space issue.  So for now she WILL enjoy lessons and dream of one day owning a horse.  I would like to start taking lessons with her very soon.  It will be a fun bonding experience with Pumpkin. 



8. These two little guys joined our family (via my brother and his wife) in July.  They make #4 and #5 for their family.  Yikes!  Mom and Dad now have 8 grandchildren.  We are so very thankful to all live within 10 minutes of each other. 


 9.  The husband and I led a team from our church on a mission trip to Zacapa, Guatemala in August.  We had a terrific and fruitful trip.  My dear husband even brought back a grand souvenier. 


This is an excerpt from a previous post describing his “gift” from Guatemala.

“When my husband and I headed for a mission trip to Guatemala last month, we were afraid that we would bring back a little friend.  What we had in mind was NOT what we actually brought home.  We were afraid we would get attached to a tot.  Of course if we ever did proceed to adopt a precious child, we could not simply stow one away in our luggage.  Oh no!  But we can try!  Well, three days after our return, A became very ill.  To make a LONG story very short, he ended up in the hospital with the doctors being pretty certian he did indeed bring home a friend.  The friend was a bite from a mosquito.  And how kind of that little BUG to give A a gift.  A gift of Dengue Fever. 

What the heck is Dengue Fever? Google it!  I did.  Fortunately I somehow missed the part about a 41% mortality rate the first time I looked.   No, that shocking news came to me once my dear hubby was home and on the mend.  Of course I do believe that pertains to remote villages in the tropics.  Anywho……all that “news” to say our children AND their mother were rather concerned about our usually energetic Daddy lying pretty much lifeless in the bed.  

After a few days home and more strength, A was up for little visitors.  Little Miss decided that Daddy needed a little friend while she went to play.  So, if you take a very close look, you will notice a wee little turtle on daddy’s chest.  “A little friend to help you feel better, Daddy!” 

The sad thing………that turtle came from Guatemala!” 


10.  Mom went back to teaching.  Only part time but teaching is teaching and it has been an adjustment for us all.  I teach first grade at the children’s private school.  It is a great place to work and I truly do enjoy it.  It is challenging balancing my family and teaching but overall it has been a good decision for us, even the 27 mile trip one way. 


Yes, lots of good stuff happened after August too but I assume after 10 “things” you are tired of hearing about us.  Just wait, I will certainly catch up soon. 



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted December 7, 2007 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

    What a full, exciting, adventurous year. I’m so glad that we’ve had the chance to catch up and keep in touch through blogging. I miss you and your family so much!

  2. Kim Kuneli
    Posted December 8, 2007 at 7:30 am | Permalink

    What a joy to get your Christmas greeting yesterday in the mail! I am so excited to be lead to your blog so I can keep up with your family happenings all year long! The family is coming today to my part of Ohio to discuss our family trip to Hawaii this summer-yep, the whole crew- Mom and Dad, Brian, Eliz, and Hannah, and the Kuneli clan. We are so excited! It will be wonderfully planned out-you know that brother of mine!
    It was great catching up!

  3. bloginmyeye
    Posted December 8, 2007 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

    That was quite the eventful year you had!

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