Is it really December?

I was a little confused today.  I am pretty certain that today is the eighth of December. But I walked outside and witnessed this:



The joys of living in this great state. 

Could someone please remind me why I live here?   And also remind me that I love it here and have NO desire to ever move again? 

Because on days like today when making gingerbread cookies with the girls and listening to Christmas music seemed awfully silly, I wondered what happened to the letitsnowletitsnow!

Not that we experience that much around here.  But did you know that in less than 48 hours, Mr. Weatherman is predicting the high to be 42 degrees?  Oh yes he is. 

And this causes everybody’s allergies to go bezerk – and my students’ behavior to go haywire! 

So for those of you enjoying snow, please don’t mention it to me. 

Thank you.


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