These are a few of my (102) favorite things

I recently posted my 100th post.  My original plan was to list a few of my favorite things as well as a few tidbits about myself. 

Well, I started listing facts at the beginning of my life and somehow just got stuck in a rut of writing little tidbits about my life (mainly events leading up to my marriage to the greatest man alive).

Being in the 100th post spirit, I am listing 100 of my favorite things.  Actually, I will list 102 because this is my 102nd post.

You might learn something new about me.

1.  Cold weather

2.  A fire on a cold day crackling in my fireplace

3.  Reading with my children next to the fire

4.  Listening to classical music (or Christmas music if it is the season)

5.  Sipping coffee with a friend

6.  Especially at Starbucks without children

7.  Although lately my children and I have discovered a new little coffee shop close by that has games stacked in a corner.  I LOVE taking one kid at a time there and playing whatever they like for however long they want while sipping coffee

8.  Eating out with my husband – just the two of us face to face

9.  I love how he strokes my legs and grins at my every smile

10.  Then going to Wal-mart and shopping together.  (I once babysat for a couple who always went to Wal-mart when I sat for them.  I thought they were nuts.  I now find great pleasure in this.)

11.  I love to buy for other people. 

12.  If I was one with money, I guarantee it would be gone quickly. 

13.  I esp. like to give to others who have less than me.

14.  A few years ago when we were moving towards a strict CASH ONLY policy, we were strapped for money.  Christmas was approaching and I was unable to give gifts to others and I HATED it. 

15.  But we came home from church one Sunday, and found a load of groceries on our front step. 

16.  I long to do the same.

17.  Now that I am working I can do a little bit.

18.  I love mission work.

19.  I love serving with my husband.

20.  I would love to travel all over the world sharing the love of Jesus by simply playing with children.

21.  But I have three precious children of my own at home.

22.  That I just can’t leave for a long period of times.

23.  I did leave them 2 years ago for a 10 day trip to Russia.

24.  The experience was sensational but I am not prepared to be that far away from my children again.  At least not for a while.

25.  Being immersed in other cultures fascinates me.

26.  I also like just getting to know different people around me.

27.  Everyone has a story and I want to know it.

28.  I used to sit at the airport waiting for my dad and watching people.  I would make up  stories about who they were and where they were going.

29.  I enjoy keeping a journal of these made up stories AND of my daily experiences.

30.  Been slacking on the journal writing since children entered my world.

31.  So I started this blog.  It is great fun and I am glad Anna encouraged me to do so.

32.  People. 

33.  I thrive off of people.

34.  Friends are dear to me although I really don’t have many really close ones. 

35.  Children. 

36.  I knew I would be a teacher since I was 7 (or younger).

37.  Teaching

38. But staying home with my children has been a joy (most of the time).

39.  Pictures.  I do believe that a picture says a thousand words.

40.  The first thing I notice in homes is the photos on display. 

41.  I esp. like the casual ones, not studio pictures.

42.  Always a story.

43.  Cooking

44.  Esp. baking

45.  My husband is easily pleased with my treats.  That thrills me!

46.  Williams-Sonoma is my culinery-themed store.  LOVE IT.  Can’t afford it.

47.  Gingerbread

48.  Reading

49.  I do not like fantasy AT ALL.  I can’t even finish watching The Chronicles of Narnia.  UUGH! 

50.  Historical fiction tends to be my thing lately.

51. I enjoy staying busy.

52.  But am learning the art and joy of relaxing.

53.  Working out is actually fun for me (usually)

54.  Hard to get to the gym or out for  a stroll or jog but once I take the plunge, I return refreshed and rejuvenated.

55.  The mountains.

56.  The coolness in the mountains. 

57.  Adventure. I am usually up for trying something new.  I am, however, a little more cautious now that I am a mom.  Not so sure what would happen around here if I were to, say, break a leg.

58.  My big Baylor night shirt.  I got that thing when I was a junior in high school. 

59.  I loved wearing it regularly.  It even got me through my fat-belly stages of pregnancy.

60.  I loved that my husband rejoiced when I threw that thing away last year. 

61.  I love to make my husband smile.

62.  I have more fun watching his huge grin form.

63.  And his boyish dimples appear.

64.  I love that man.

65.  I love that he listens to me ramble on about nothing of importance.

66.  I love sharing a family and home with him.

67.  I love running my hands through his incredibly thick hair.

68.  I love just sitting in the same room with him.

69.  I want to feel secure and he makes sure I am.

70.  I like order to my life.  I like a plan.

71.  A plan that I can freely interrupt.

72.  I like that I have learned (thru some tough situations) that life DOES NOT go as planned. 

73.  The smell of my newborn babies (that came MUCH earlier than planned).  I will never forget that smell as long as I live.

74.  Home. 

75.  I like the coziness of my 1,500 square foot home.

76.  I love the song that says, “Lots of love grows in little houses.  Little houses, that’s where love grows. ”  Or something like that.  It is a true statement in this house.

77.  I love having fun.

78.  Playing games.

79. Laughing hysterically.

80.  Playing jokes on people.

81.  Running around just being crazy.

82.  I like being outside.

83.  I enjoy the freedom it allows.

84.  Happies!  This is my mother’s term for anything that makes one smile.

85.  Working in the garden.

86.  The flowers the work produces.

87.  The sound of a brook.

88.  The sound of children singing.

89.  Going to a bookstore with coffee in hand…and coming out with a new book.  Yes, I love the smell of a new book.  Yes, I flip the pages and smell the new book smell.

90.  Thanksgiving

91.  Camping

92. Scrapbooking

93.  Chocolate (but not as much as I once did)

94.  Chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches

95.  Fondue!  I love that it takes 3 hours to eat a meal…..but only in good company.

96.  A clean house.

97.  Vanilla scent

98.  Napping on a rainy day (hasn’t happened in a year).

99.  I love P.F. Changs, Panera Bread, La Madeleine, and the Melting Pot

100.  Southlake Carroll Dragon football.  We will not discuss last week’s game thankyouverymuch.

101.  Comfortable shoes

102.  Hot baths with a good book. 

Goodbye.  Off to the tub with my new Karen Kingsbury library book. 


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  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted December 11, 2007 at 10:54 pm | Permalink

    Okay, okay. I loved this list but I see that you couldn’t stray far from talking about your husband on this one, either. Hee hee – I guess he is one of your favorites, okay. We have many of these in common, especially the “I like a plan that can freely be interrupted”. That pretty much sums it up right there. You’re a hoot. Hey, I’m also reading Karen Kingsbury – very fluff fiction, but that definitely has its place! Oh! And I love PF Changs, Panera Bread, La Madeleine, and the Melting Pot. Wish I could just meet you at one of those places to talk whenever we wanted.

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