It has come to our attention that a most important entry was left out in the previous blog of 102 favorite things.  Apparently Willie was not too happy with my omission.  Let me (the husband – tonight’s guest blogger) explain who Willie is.

 But first, let me tell you about one of the best memories we had while living in Maryland.  Back in Texas (before we moved to Maryland), my wife met a wonderful couple while in college at Baylor.  This couple “adopted” her after she kept their son in the church nursery (who is, in fact, 20 years younger than her to the day).  It just so happened that one year before we moved to Maryland, this family moved to North Wales, Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia.  So, on Memorial Day each year, we would journey up to North Wales for fun, fellowship, and “lobbies”.  When I say “lobbies” I mean the live lobsters that Genuardi’s grocery stores had on sale at ridiculous prices for Memorial Day weekend.  We would pick out our lobbies, cart them back home, and prepare for the feast.  But before dinner was served, the lobbies competed in the North Wales Lobster Olympics.  These were specially designed races on the kitchen floor using a hair dryer to encourage each crustacean toward the finish line.  Though the races never met with much success (apparently lobsters are not the most competitive of animals – at least not the ones from Genuardi’s), we had great fun cheering them on.  They did better at the last event – the Hot Water Plunge.  After that we had a celebration feast where the lobbies were the honored guests.  This was the tastiest part of the event.  However, if you have ever eaten a whole lobster, you know that cleaning out the mole (MO-lay) – i.e., guts – is not the most appetizing thing – especially when you are several months pregnant.   Let’s just say that when the lobsters lost their guts my wife lost hers too.  She and the lobby both lost their lunches that year.

 “But what about Willie?” you ask.  I’m getting there.

 One year when we went to visit our friends we had the opportunity to attend a performance by a Belgian performing troupe.  I don’t remember the name of the group, or much of the routine – except Willie.  At one point a character named Willie came out to entertain the crowd.  It was Willie and a baby and some other things that would not make much sense now if I tried to explain them but were hilarious at the time.  Absolutely hilarious.  We were crying from laughing so hard watching the performance as well as each other crying laughing.  Needless to say it was a memorable event.

And after that – Willie was born.  From then on, when something funny or mischevious happened – Willie did it.  Willie has been known to do some pretty dastardly – and comical – things.

 Like the time our friends from North Wales came down as housesitters for our apartment while we were gone on a trip to Texas.  When we returned, we found that Willie had broken into our apartment while we were gone.  The little rascal had taken all of our sticky notes (around 100) and placed them in opportune places all around the apartment.  One note read “Your local firefighters are very friendly.”  Another on a box of cocoa read “Inject straight into veins.”  A tack was also mysteriously found point-up in a chair.  The most heinous act of all was not discovered until weeks later when I looked closely at a small picture of his extended family in his office and noticed that his face had been covered up by the cutout of a very goofy, wide-grinning, red-haired boy (any resemblance to the victim in the photo was purely coincidental, I’m sure).  It took him about two seconds to realize what had happened.  Willie.

Willie has made fewer appearances since our move back to Texas, but he still makes himself known when least expected.  Sometimes he sends his greetings through the mail with gifts like Arnie the Doughnut (still our children’s – and my – all-time favorite children’s book).  Other times it is through messages left on our voicemail.  But we know he’s always out there.  And we never feel too safe – or bored.

So during this holiday season we are thankful for Willie and all that he means to our family.  He has had a wonderful impact on our lives and we treasure him deeply.

We just hope he doesn’t leave a lump of coal in our stockings on Christmas morning.  Or worse . . . a fruitcake .



  1. sincerelyanna
    Posted December 13, 2007 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    GASP! or a stolen baby Jesus from one of your nativity sets. I think he’s got an accomplice within your own house. GET OUT NOW, YOU’RE NOT SAFE!

  2. Willie
    Posted December 13, 2007 at 8:55 pm | Permalink

    Well, this is much better. I am especially grateful for your keeping some of the best (worst?) stories out of print while remembering some great moments. Willie Lives!

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