Humpty Dumpty

Our five year old just expressed all of our feelings quite adequately.    As she was looking at the picture of the van she exclaimed, “Oh, Humpty Dumpty, can you ever come back together again?” 

That is the million dollar question this week.  We are waiting on pins and needles to hear what the insurance adjuster says about the fate of our dear Henrietta the Honda. 

So, today as I was starting to put all the pieces together, my attitude was not as joyous as it was last night.  I moved away from being thankful to being annoyed. 

And I was annoyed that I was annoyed.  My theme quote of the day to myself was, “Just shut your little mouth.”  It worked.  When I was able to retrieve my purse and camera today from the squished back end of the van, I realized that I best keep that mouth shut – except for praising my Lord for our lives!  Thank you, Lord! 

Maybe we have poor Humpty Dumpty and a few sore necks and backs but I am grateful for the Lord’s strength to change my poopy attitude in a heartbeat.  You know, a lot does change in a single beat.  And that makes me bow down to my God all the more.  He sits upon that throne! 

And I am glad.

Most glad.


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