According to a very sophisticated quiz, I should have a tree like this…

You Should Have a Gold Christmas Tree
For you, the holidays represent a time of optimism and wealth.
You definitely have a generous spirit, and you give a lot during the holiday season.You really go over the top for Christmas. Everyone on your list gets a great gift.
Even if you don’t have a lot of money during the holidays, it’s the one time you pretend like you do.

Your gold tree would look great with: All kinds of metallic decorations

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: Miracle on 34th St

What you should bake for Santa: A ton of cookies, cupcakes, and candy. You would enjoy spoiling him.

The “giving gifts despite the fact that I don’t have money” thing is true.  I LOVE TO GIVE!  My husband read this with me and nodded his head emphatically.  And for some reason he shared a joyous whoop when he read the part about spoiling “him.”  I think he got confused.  He must have missed the Santa word there or misread it to say, dear sweet husband.

Although much of this is true, I really despise gold.  Thank you.


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