Some ways we celebrated Christmas this year

Here is a brief timeline of our Christmas celebrations:

Thursday, December 20

My husband’s dear, dear Aunt and Uncle came in from Amarillo.  We were so glad to see them.  I cooked a nice supper for them and the rest of my husband’s family.  Our house is wee so it was a bit chaotic but I loved having family in my home.  I am so looking forward to the day of having a bigger house. 

Grandaddy, Uncle Lynn, the Lad, and Aunt Ella Jane proudly wearing the party hats from the English Crackers we passed out to each guest.


Saturday, December 22

We spent almost the entire day with the husband’s family.  Aunt and Uncle were still in town so we had our gift exchange and big Christmas dinner on that day.  This is a photo of Pumpkin reading to her new American Girl doll, Kit, with Daniel joining in.  Did you hear the squeal that afternoon when she opened up this grand gift from her Great Aunt and Uncle?  Pure delight. 


 Monday, December 24

We headed into Dallas again to be with my husband’s family.  We opened gifts with his immediate family.

My brother’s family came over and we had our traditional tamales and birthday cake for Jesus.  I still feel a void every Christmas Eve when we only sing happy birthday to Jesus.  When I was growing up, my little black dog was born on Christmas Eve so our song went like this:  “Happy Birthday dear Jesus AND Poco, Happy Birthday to you!”  We were very religious.


A couple of years ago our little family decided to stay home on Christmas morning.  We had grown weary of waking up at one Grandma’s house, heading to Aunt’s for breakfast, then over to the other grandparents for a quick gift opening session and then to Great grandma’s or Gran’s for Christmas dinner.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved being in all those places but with three young children, it wasn’t near as enjoyable as it once was – even with one or two kiddos.  So for the last three years, we have made a few memories of our own while trying to keep some of the old ones alive as well, esp. those involving family.  We are always with my in-laws on Christmas Eve celebrating the way my husband grew up knowing – with tamales.  I will keep that tradition!  We typically attend the services at my husband’s home church.  Always a lovely time. The kids even did well this year. . . considering they attend a family/children’s service weekly and never sit in a big church. 

We wake up in our own home on Christmas morning.  The children quickly remind us that we do stockings in our jammies so Mom must grab coffee NOW.   Here is a picture of four of the most important people in my life.  Aren’t they adorable?


My folks moved to this side of Dallas a few years ago so that in itself created a few changes.  Now they are able to be guests in our home for Christmas breakfast.  They head to our home about 8:30, eat breakfast with us, check out the kids’ new stuff, then head over to my brother’s house to see them and rejoice in all their fun. 

Prior to Christmas Day we draw names and each person is responsible for filling another family member’s cracker with a small gift, candy, and a personal note of affirmation.  A few years ago I found these keen crackers at World Market that are more like decorative Christmas tins that can be used again and again.  During our Christmas breakfast we open our crackers.  Below, Papa and the lad are high-fiving as they prepare to open their crackers.


This was definitely a Christmas full of electronics.  The lad and Pumpkin spent most of their Christmas Day playing their new Nintendo DS games with their two cousins (who already had them).  When the photo below was taken, the troops must have been attacking the gingerbread house.  The scene struck me as funny.  Or maybe pathetic.  What you do not see in this photo is my nephew’s new Wii, our girls’ MP3 players (that I got dirt cheap), the two year old’s Dora interactive DVD game, etc, etc.  And yes, I got a new Ipod!!!  I guess that means I can’t use the excuse of being bored while I run now, can I?


That is what we did.  I failed to mention or show pictures of the pounds of food I inhaled.  You notice that there is not a photo of me – I guess the evidence of all that food is in my hips.  Me and my new ipod got some work to do!  Yes, ma’am, we do.

I do pray you continue to enjoy this season.  It might be coming to an end but my prayer for you as well as myself is that the meaning of Christmas remains the same for you all through the year. 


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    My dd got an American Girl too, Elizabeth. She says it’s her dream come true! Joy.

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