Monthly Archives: January 2008

A whole other constitution

In case you are unaware, I teach first grade.  Yep, I am blessed with 18 six year olds.  The bunch I have this year is an active one indeed but very intelligent and inquisitive.  In other words, they love to talk.  And I fit in with them rather well.  Although they are a bright bunch of monkeys, […]

Wordless Wednesday

Let me bore you with my afternoon activities and praises of my husband

 Today was my early day to leave school in time to rush to pick up Little Miss from preschool.  All three kids had 2:20 dentist appointments.  I should have taken the first hint of Little Miss yelling, “I am NOT going to the dentist” as we were leaving school and stopped all thoughts of going […]

This is our wild child that just about sent me into the street, under a car, and to the ER yesterday

Yep, this is our  five year old who just about sent me to the ER yesterday.  Not a fearful bone in her body.  Nope, not at all.  If she doesn’t send me (or herself) to the ER, then I am certain I will be on my way to the loony bin.  Or to the hair stylist […]

Why stop the trend now?

My last post shared all of  my recent mishaps.  I am now laughing about them but am still feeling the physical effects from ALL of them.  I am afraid I am getting a glimpse of my future elderly self (although it is feeling way too real at this point). Today after church, lunch, and some […]

I find that my husband’s absence is a perfect time to be accident prone

Not sure why that would be true.  My series of accidents would, however, certainly prove to one that yesterday was a great day to repeatedly injure myself.  If you know me at all, you would agree that I am not of the graceful type.  No where close.  You would probably declare me to be a klutz.  The one […]

A tale of veggies

 I took the kiddos to see The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Moviethis morning.  I am desperate to pass the time and entertain the offsprings without losing my mind.  My first experience with the produce productions was a few years before our first child ever arrived.  It was the bunny tale.  And I […]

Being crabby about being crabby

My brain is fried.  I need to enter semester grades. Gotta get the husband ready for a trip. Need to spend some time with that husband. The lesson for Sunday morning is unprepared. Kids aren’t too pleased with bedtime. These blasted surveys are still sitting on the floor glaring at me! So maybe this post could turn into […]

May I help you with a problem you probably don’t have?

It is Wednesday and once again, Rocks in My Dryer is hosting WFMW. All I have to contribute this week: How to keep your tissue box from sliding all over your car. I have the privilege of being a mini van momma.  Actually at this very moment I am a proud driver of a rental mini […]

Do you know what this means?

  Are you able to see the words on the screen? Here, let me help.   Okay, so that DIDN’T help. It says at the top:  ENROLLMENT PACKET  This means that our last child will soon join the school-age kiddos and no longer be a preschooler.  Nope, I will not have a single preschooler in […]