You just never know what will happen in a room full of six-year-olds and an open invitation to God

January 2 came way too quickly.  I would love to say I was more than ready to get back into routine.  It would even be better if I could honestly say I was looking forward to seeing my room full of monkeys.  I even played mind games ALL the way to work.  I had to convince myself that I LOVED my job and those kids mean so much to me and I had to see them. 

We all know the truth. 

But the truth is not what you or I predicted. 

Things did go as I had predicted when I first arrived at school.  I knew I would not be focused on preparing for the day but rather on chatting with others (no surprise by the chattiness).  When the first child walked in, my heart sank and I whispered to myself, “Here we go.”  But then another child walked in, then another, and they all had HUGE grins on their faces.  My heart began to soften at those precious toothless grins.  I thought, “Boy, they sure must have missed me.”  Pride does indeed cometh before the fall for it was at that moment that I noticed that they were not smiling because they were glad to see me – they wanted to show me their toothless grins.   Yes, my friends, the tooth fairy must have kicked Santa out of business this Christmas season because EIGHT of my monkeys had lost a tooth.  No kidding.  EIGHT!  And of course we had to take 23 minutes to explicitly describe each tooth-losing experience. 

I was touched.

I was actually thinking of how I could still be snuggled up with Little Miss on this cold January day. 

But then I think God showed up. 

I grabbed my Bible to start devotions.  We were to start a new unit on the armor of God today.  We have lots to do to learn Ephesians 6 before we present it in chapel in four weeks.  In four weeks?  Did I just confess that?  So I grabbed the Bible, started turning to Ephesians, and then -WHAM – the words from Lamentations 3:22-23 started flowing from my mouth.  And I broke out in song.  No kidding.  And please do not conjure up some image of a sweet teacher’s voice.  I got kicked out of church choir.  For some reason the armor of God was not in God’s lesson plans today.  We started talking about the old year (and can you believe that out of randomness a timeline of the year just happened to be part of today’s math lesson?).  We discussed the good and bad of 2007 and how God uses them to grow us and make us better.  I will admit that I thought this was a grown-up lesson and would have never dreamed of “teaching” this to my first graders.  But they were glued.  I had all eyes on me and they were absorbing it all.  It was amazing.  They got it.  They really, really got it. 

The sweetest thing (and proof that my lesson was indeed duly noted) was when the secretary popped her head in to ask me a question.  She quickly asked me how my break was.  I replied, “Interesting, very interesting.”  She looked puzzled at my reply so I went on to tell her about the wreck and our ER adventure.  Throughout this conversation, my students were quiet (this is very abnormal for this bunch of monkeys).  After I finished my brief spiel about my holiday mishaps, I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, looked at the students, and found all of us busting out singing the song I JUST taught them. 

It was beyond touching. 

It was moving. 

The secretary touched her heart, and I think a tear or two on her eyes, and said, “Wow!  I needed that.” 

We moved on to math but not until I wiped a few tears away from my own face.

And the words to that song played over and over in my head and my heart all day long.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.  New every morning.  Great is they faithfulness, oh Lord.  Great is thy faithfulness.”



  1. bloginmyeye
    Posted January 2, 2008 at 10:37 pm | Permalink

    Oh, yeah! Thanks for sharing this sweetness.

  2. sincerelyanna
    Posted January 3, 2008 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    That is such a touching story. What a great start to the new year!

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